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Types of Truck Accidents

Truck AccidentsUnderstanding the types of truck accidents that can occur on Massachusetts and New Hampshire roadways and the damage they cause can help you stay on guard when you drive around different kinds of trucks. Here’s what you should know.

Head-On Collisions

A head-on collision occurs when a large truck hits another vehicle from the front. This can happen when drivers are paying poor attention to the road or fail to properly navigate a turn at an intersection. The driver and passenger absorb the majority of the accident’s force and may result in limb loss or crush injuries, if not a fatality.

Rear-End Collisions

A rear-end collision occurs when a large truck hits another vehicle from behind. This can be especially dangerous in situations where an 18-wheeler is coming downhill at a high speed and has difficulty slowing down when there is a stop light or traffic jam just ahead. A truck driver can use their jake brake in the event of an emergency, but it may not be successful.

In a rear-end crash, the backseat passengers are affected the most. If the collision results in a pileup, the front of the car may also slam into the rear end of the car ahead of them, causing injuries to the driver and front passenger.

Jackknife Accidents

A jackknife accident happens when an 18-wheel truck loses traction and the trailer goes into a skid. The cab may stay on the road, but the truck and trailer end at a 90-degree angle, similar to how the blade of a jackknife or pocketknife looks in relation to its handle.

Often, jackknife accidents occur when the road is wet or icy, or when the driver loses control of the vehicle briefly and overcorrects to try to bring the truck back onto the road. A jackknife accident can be particularly dangerous if the truck’s trailer swings out and hits another vehicle with its broad side.

T-Bone Accidents

A T-bone accident happens when a truck’s cab collides with the side of another vehicle. In cases where the truck hits the side of another large truck or trailer, the casualties may be mild to moderate.

However, if a truck T-bones a smaller passenger car, it’s very likely that the front and backseat passengers on the side closest to the truck will be severely injured or killed in the crash. If the truck is traveling at a high speed, the passenger car may be completely crushed.

Wide-Turn Accidents

Because of the way 18-wheel trucks are built, they need to make wide right turns. This means that if a truck is in the right-hand lane, they will briefly drive into the left-hand lane as their trailer makes the corner before settling back onto the right side of the road.

If a truck driver does not see a car coming up in the right-hand lane as they are getting ready to shift back into it after the turn, they may run that vehicle off the road.

Flatbed Truck Accidents

Flatbed trucks are designed to hold cargo of odd shapes and sizes that wouldn’t otherwise fit into a standard four-sided trailer. Logs, pipes, large equipment, and other awkwardly fitting items can be strapped to the open-bed trailer and transported by a traditional truck cab.

The most common type of accident that occurs with a flatbed truck is cargo slippage. If the cargo has not been properly secured, it can come loose as the truck travels over rough terrain or at high speeds. For example, a falling pipe could crush the roof or windshield of a car near the truck, potentially causing the wrongful death of the passengers inside.

Garbage Truck Accidents

Garbage trucks are smaller than 18-wheelers, however, they can still do a great deal of damage in an accident. Any collision with a passenger car is likely to be more serious due to the size and weight of a garbage truck, particularly if the accident occurs when the truck drivers have completed their route for the day and the back of the truck is full.

Another type of accident that can occur with a garbage truck is the misuse or malfunction of the lifting arm. If it comes down onto a vehicle parked on the side of the road, the damage can be costly.

Dump Truck Accidents

Like a garbage truck, a dump truck isn’t quite as formidable as an 18-wheeler. However, it has the potential to cause critical and even deadly accidents, particularly with pedestrians and bicyclists. If debris from the back of the dump truck falls out as the truck goes over a bump in the road, it could knock a bicyclist behind the truck down completely.

Cement Truck Accidents

Cement trucks are unique trucks designed with a large rotating barrel that constantly mixes cement where a trailer normally would be. Cement truck drivers are responsible not only for ensuring they get from point A to B safely without incident, but also that the product inside the tank remains usable.

An accident with a cement truck can be devastating simply due to its size and weight, but if the liquid concrete spills out onto the road and nearby vehicles, this can result in a very difficult-to-clean and potentially toxic mess.

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