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Data Breach and Medical Privacy

Have you or a family member had your personal, medical, or financial records compromised in Massachusetts or New Hampshire?

Data breaches, especially those involving health records and medical privacy, are becoming more common in today’s society, leaving consumers feeling vulnerable. An online privacy breach can  have a major impact on your life or business if others use your leaked information to commit fraudulent acts.

How Private Data Is Used by Hackers

Hackers can use information they obtained during a data breach to achieve a variety of different corrupt goals, such as:

  • Stealing your name, address, telephone number, and other identifying information to misrepresent themselves as you to commit fraud
  • Obtaining the financial information of a number of users and using it to engage in a widespread fraud scam
  • Using data obtained in your privacy breach to post defamatory or harmful information of you online
  • Breaking medical privacy laws to steal your identifying and insurance information to obtain health care services for themselves under your name

The above are just a few of the ways hackers with an agenda can infiltrate your medical privacy and other personal data and use the information for financial or other gain.

Mazow | McCullough PC’s seasoned data breach HIPAA violations lawyers are dedicated to resolving privacy breach matters while defending the rights of consumers identifying, personal, health, or financial data has been exposed or compromised.

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You Are Protected by Medical Privacy Laws

Under Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and federal laws, you have the right to security and privacy in the sharing of your personal, health, and financial data. Medical privacy laws, specifically, protect you from the theft of your medical information by dictating how hospitals and other health care providers handle and store that sensitive personal data.

Under these laws, your identifying information is protected from:

  • The theft of your personal information, including your full legal name, current and past addresses, places of employment, etc.
  • The theft of your financial information, including bank accounts, certificates of deposit, 401K, stock portfolios, and any other assets you hold
  • The theft of your health information, including your medical history, your insurance information, and other data related to your medical care at any point in time at any healthcare facility
  • Failure of a business to notify you that your personal information has been compromised
  • Failure of a business to inform you of your rights after a data breach or medical privacy breach
  • Other ways in which your sensitive, identifying data was used to defraud or harm you or a family member

Do You Have a Data Breach Case?

If your identifying information has been stolen, hacked, or otherwise compromised and it has caused you and/or your family to suffer economic or non-economic damages, you may have a legal case.

With experienced legal advocacy from a seasoned data breach and HIPAA violations lawyer, you can pursue the full and fair compensation you deserve for any harm you have endured as a result of your data being at risk.

However, these cases require skilled legal counsel who are familiar with Massachusetts and New Hampshire data and medical privacy laws and can clearly illustrate how the privacy breach has caused you to incur real, tangible damages.

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