What Happens to Your Body in a Car Accident?
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What Happens to Your Body in a Car Accident

see a doctor after a car accidentEven the simplest car rear-end car accident can leave the human body seriously injured. Few people know what actually happens to them when they are involved in minor rear-end collisions. Rarely do people seek medical treatment when involved in fender benders. But, doctors recommend that you do anyway for the following reasons.

Possible Car Accident Injuries

First, the fact that your vehicle has suddenly stopped does not mean that our body will as well. Whether you are hit from behind, the front or sides, your body, including your head, continues to move at the speed you were driving until it hits something or is stopped by your seatbelt- if you have one on. Your brain crashes against the inside of your skull on impact and then rebounds and smacks into the other side, having nowhere else to go. At the very minimum, a human being will have a headache or a concussion. At worst, the human brain begins to swell, which leads to more serious complications and could cause death.

Now let’s talk about the neck. The weight of your head on top of your neck jolting back and forth at such an unnatural speed for it can cause whiplash if it’s a minor impact. At much higher speeds, however, the motion could break the neck.

The human spine goes through a similar reaction, whipping back and forth and ultimately causing whiplash. This could lead to bulging discs and radiating pain to all limbs, joints and shoulders. The higher the speed, the more serious the injury to the driver and passengers. However small or big the accident, it’s repercussions are almost always the same; they impact people’s lives tremendously.

What to do if you’ve been injured

If you have suffered a personal injury or a loved one has been killed as a result of a car accident or hurt because of someone else’s negligence, please contact the law office of Mazow|McCullough, P.C. today so that the matter can be properly, efficiently and successfully handled. We can help you to feel empowered again as you seek justice for you or your loved one’s injuries and/or wrongful death. The right lawyer makes all the difference. You can contact us at 978-744-8000 or [email protected].

At Mazow McCullough, we recognize every single car accident, at every single speed. Whether you were in a high speed accident or a fender bender, if you were hurt because of the negligence of another, your injuries deserve a voice.

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