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Massachusetts Wrongful Death Claims – #1 Misconception

#1 Misconception about Massachusetts Wrongful Death Claims

The #1 misconception that people have regarding a Massachusetts wrongful death claim or the potential pursuit of a wrongful death claim is that they’re nervous, concerned or worried about the responsible parties. There may be some relationship between the family members and the person who is potentially at fault or responsible and clients worry that the responsible party might get in trouble or go to jail.

Massachusetts Wrongful Death Civil Cases

It’s important to note that a wrongful death claim is a civil case, not a criminal case.

When you pursue or investigate a wrongful death claim and you consult a Massachusetts wrongful death attorney, you’re gathering information to find out if somebody is at fault or responsible, if somebody failed to do what they could have done to prevent a death.

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If you need help in filing a wrongful death claim or have questions about wrongful death lawsuits, contact a Massachusetts wrongful death lawyer at Mazow|McCullough, PC. Our experienced personal injury lawyers offer a free legal consultation to address any concerns.

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