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My First Year in Law School

First Year Law StudentGone are the days when I’d say I would probably be one of those people who would stay in school until forever. Fresh out of my first year in law school, I am confident that once I cross that stage on graduation day, I will never again linger over the glossy pages of an educational institution’s informational handbook.

My first year can be most comparable to a roller coaster ride, complete with harrowing dips and stomach turning, upside down twists and flips.

One of the many reasons I wanted to go to law school was because I knew it would be a thought-provoking experience, and I love a good intellectual challenge. Who doesn’t? There’s nothing more satisfying than doing the things they say you cannot do. Little did I know that this would be more than a challenge, it would be life changing. Being the first in my immediate family to attend higher education, my mother was thrilled when I told her of my decision to become an attorney.

Giving credit where credit is due, I could not have made it through this first year without support. Support from my friends, family and most importantly, from the attorneys I currently work for, whom endured countless days where I flew out of the office before 5 pm, numerous questions that were more likely than not silly, and my panicky nerves all around the office.

My first year of law school was hectic; no one in my smiling group of orientation pals knew what we were getting ourselves into. To say that we performed a miracle with every late hour spent pouring over outlines and confusing cases falls short. The grueling moments before a final worth 80-85% of our entire grade, the nerve-wracking seconds before arguing your first motion for summary judgment. These are the moments that took over my life this past year, the moments I will hold dear in my heart and laugh at when I begin preparing for my first trial as an attorney and think, how hard.


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