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Recent Settlements

Stores, Banks and Supermarkets:

  • Wrongful death claim of 76 year old pedestrian hit by supermarket delivery driver
  • Slip and fall claim against bank (defective sidewalk), broken foot
  • Slip and fall claim on black ice in enclosed parking garage, fractured ankle

Taxi and Transportation Companies:

  • Negligence claim of pedestrian hit by taxi cab, broken femur
  • Negligence claim of driver hit by airport shuttle driver, broken humerous and femur
  • Negligence claim of driver attempting to take left, facial scarring
  • Negligence claim of 90 year old woman improperly strapped to wheelchair lift, broken ribs and lumbar fracture

Motor Vehicle Collisions – Massachusetts:

  • Negligence claim where plaintiff was cited by police
  • Negligence claim of driver struck in rear, no property damage
  • Negligence claim where passenger in car broke a rib
  • Negligence claim with soft tissue neck injury and chiropractic treatment
  • Negligence claim with soft tissue neck and back injuries

Motor Vehicle Collisions – New Hampshire:

  • Driver struck from behind at light, cervical disckectomy and fusion
  • Driver struck at intersection, herniation, vertigo, lumbar stress fracture

Pedestrians, Bicyclists and Motorcyclists:

  • Bicyclist struck, scar on thigh
  • Minor struck crossing street, fractured wrist
  • Pedestrian struck crossing street, strained knee
  • Passenger on motorcycle, collision at intersection (despite no insurance for motorcyclist)

Defective and Dangerous Products:

  • Drain cleaner explosion, facial scarring
  • Dangerous toy, broken finger tip
  • Foreign object in food

Sexual Harrassment and Employment:

  • Minor harrassed by co-worker, inappropriate touching
  • Worker verbally and physically harassed by co-worker

Medical Malpractice:

  • Sponge left in abdomen after surgery

Bad Faith Claims and Violations of M.G.L. Chapter 93A:

  • Bad faith claim against insurer for failure to pay for stolen motorcycle; verdict plus attorneys fees

Expert Testimony:

Attorney Kevin J. McCullough has been retained on dozens of cases as an expert witness to provide an opinion on various insurance companies’ policies, procedures and claims handling practices. Recently Attorney McCullough testified in the Salem Superior Court as an expert witness before the Honorable J. Lowey. Attorney McCullough was retained by the plaintiff in that case in an action against a Massachusetts automobile insurance company. The plaintiff alleged that the insurer had violated the consumer protection statute and committed unfair claims handling practices. Based upon Attorney McCullough’s expert opinion the judge found that the insurer/defendant had violated the consumer protection statute and acted outside of the scope of insurance industry standards.

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