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What Should I Do If My Uber Driver Is Distracted?

My Uber Driver Is DistractedUber drivers are often distracted by engaging with the Uber app, but like all other drivers, they may also be distracted by phone calls, eating, grooming, or even talking with other passengers. If you’re using a ridesharing service and your driver is distracted, you may wonder what you should do. To protect yourself, check out these tips.

1. Speak Up

Distracted driving is extremely dangerous. In fact, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, distracted driving kills over 3,000 people every year. That is more than eight people per day. To put it into perspective, at a speed of 55 mph, looking down instead of at the road for just five seconds is the equivalent of driving the length of a football field while blindfolded.

If your driver is distracted, speak up. Let them know that you are not comfortable riding with them if they aren’t paying adequate attention. If you don’t feel comfortable saying something to the driver, trust your instincts and simply ask them to drop you off immediately.

2. Terminate the Ride

If you ask your driver to pay more attention to the road but they continue to engage with the distraction, you should terminate the ride. You can change the destination of the trip within the Uber app at any time before the driver swipes “end trip”. Just tap “enter destination” and type in a new address or select a location close to where the vehicle is currently located.

3. Leave a Review

After getting out of the Uber, make sure to leave a review. Drivers have a star rating that is the average of their last 500 rides, and your reviews can help to keep other drivers safe. If you don’t feel safe, give the driver a low star rating and consider leaving notes on what happened.

4. Alert Uber

You should also alert Uber that the driver was distracted during your journey. You can upload comments to the Uber site. The company has a zero-tolerance policy for drugs and alcohol and requires drivers to be compliant with local laws. For instance, if local laws dictate that drivers can’t use cell phones while driving, you should let Uber know if one of their drivers does that.

5. Contact a Lawyer If Injured

If you are injured due to a distracted Uber driver, you may be entitled to compensation for your damages. A ridesharing attorney can help you negotiate with the driver’s insurance company and/or bring a lawsuit against the driver or the ridesharing company.

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