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Distracted Driving – Cell Phone Use While Driving (Video)

Robert Mazow of Mazow McCullough discusses distracted driving, and cell phone use in particular, and how you might help to avoid distracted driving by using your phone’s built-in “Do Not Disturb While Driving” feature.

Some day when you’re driving to work, look around the vehicles around you and see what people are doing while they’re driving. You see some people reading the paper. You see other people applying makeup. You see the most people looking at their phones. These days, our phones act so much more than just communication devices. We can browse the internet. We can check the weather. We can see almost anything we want to, but the time to do that is not when you’re in your car.

The time to do that is when you’re safely stopped, when you’re in your office, when you’re in your home. It’s not the time to do it when you’re behind the wheel. Some new phones are now equipped with a way to shut off the ability to communicate when your car reaches a certain speed limit. My suggestion, use that application. Do not be distracted because you take your eyes off the road for one minute, one moment, one second, it can change your life or the lives of somebody around you. Be smart. Be safe. Don’t be distracted.

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