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Avid Motorcyclists Continue To Ride Despite Cold Temperatures

motorcycles in cold weatherEven though we are turning the heat up in our cars and scraping the frost off of our windows, there are many avid motorcycle riders in Massachusetts who continue to ride despite the dip in temperatures.  Whether motorcyclists continue to ride in the cold is because of necessity or desire, the fact is that motorcycles continue to share the road with all of us.

With the drop in temperatures come icy roads, darker mornings and evenings, and frost or snow covered car windows.  Car and motorcycle riders must take extra caution to make sure that they are aware of each other on the roads of Massachusetts.  Mazow & McCullough have seen too many horrific injuries and deaths as a result of careless drivers shifting lanes too fast and crashing into riders, driving without properly clearing their windows, or simply not paying attention to their driving.

Take another few minutes in the morning to defrost your windows.  Scrape your front and back windshields from frost.  Drive a little slower if the roads are icy.

Remember that motorcycles are everywhere.  Even in the winter.

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