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Motorcycle Safety Series: Riding Clothes Debunked

Riding ClothesMotorcycles can be a lot of fun to ride, but they’re also one of the riskiest vehicles to operate. A motorcycle lacks the same protective metal cage as a car or truck, meaning the motorcycle rider’s body is exposed to the force of a collision should one occur.

It’s critical for motorcycle riders to take safety into their own hands and be proactive about decreasing the risk of life-threatening injuries in the event of a motorcycle accident.

We’re looking at four of the top motorcycle safety factors – helmets, riding clothes, road conditions, and driver behavior.

Let’s talk about motorcycle riding clothes.

Myths About Riding Clothes

Many people have misconceptions about the value of protective clothing when riding a motorcycle. They may assume:

Protective Clothing Is Only Necessary in the Rain

While waterproof protective motorcycle gear can help you stay dry, its primary purpose is to offer a layer of protection between your body and an accident and should be worn every time you ride.

It Doesn’t Matter What You Wear When You Ride

Science Direct published a study in Accident Analysis & Prevention that compared the medical records of accident victims who were and were not wearing protective motorcycle safety gear.

The results showed that motorcyclists who were wearing protective clothing at the time of their accident were less likely to be admitted to the hospital, and that specially-designed body armor is more effective at reducing injury severity than traditional leather jackets and pants.

There Aren’t Any Good Options for Summer Motorcycle Safety Gear

Thick jackets, gloves, and pants can be hard to wear in the summer months. Many people mistakenly assume that the same type of riding gear exists for all seasons and choose not to wear protective clothing as much or at all when it’s hot outside.

However, many manufacturers of protective clothing for motorcyclists offer breathable, lightweight jackets and other clothing options with armor in just the right places.

Common Motorcycle Accident Injuries That Can Be Prevented with Riding Clothes

  • Friction burns on exposed skin (also known as road rash)
  • Hand and foot injuries
  • Bleeding
  • Limb injuries
  • Other soft tissue injuries
  • Wrongful death

How to Choose Quality Riding Clothes

Riding clothes can be stylish and fun to wear, but the most important aspect is how well they protect you in the event of a motorcycle crash. Look for these safety features when selecting quality riding clothes:

  • Armored protection, particularly at the knees, elbows, and hips
  • A proper fit; clothing should not be too loose but should allow you to move comfortably
  • Reflective features that help other drivers on the road see you, especially at night
  • Water resistance
  • Good breathability

Remember that the first and most important part of your motorcycle safety gear is a Department of Transportation (DOT)-approved helmet.

I Was in a Motorcycle Collision and Wasn’t Wearing Protective Clothing. Will My Lawsuit Be Affected?

If you weren’t wearing protective clothing at the time of your motorcycle collision, the other side’s lawyers are likely to try to place blame on you for injuries that clothing may have helped prevent, like road rash and hand injuries.

However, if the other driver was determined to be responsible for causing the accident, you should still be able to pursue compensation for the full amount of the damages you incurred. Only if you are also partially responsible for the accident would your settlement award be reduced.

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