Motorcycle Accidents vs. Car Accidents
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Why Motorcycle Accidents Are Almost Always More Serious Than Car Accidents

Motorcycle AccidentsMotorcycle accidents often result in critical injury or death, both in single-motorcycle accidents and motorcycle-vehicle accidents. While some car accidents can be equally devastating, motorcycle accidents are generally more serious than car accidents. Here’s why.

Motorcycle Riders Are Less Protected

Wearing a helmet is crucial to protecting yourself against traumatic brain injury when involved in a motorcycle accident. However, even with a helmet, a motorcycle rider is much more exposed to the force of a crash than a person driving or riding in a passenger vehicle. A motorcycle rider’s body is directly subjected to a crash, while a vehicle absorbs some or even all of the impact of a collision before reaching the driver. This means that apart from TBI’s, motorcycle accidents result in more bodily injury, including broken bones, loss of limb, and soft tissue injuries.


Speeding is a significant factor in both passenger vehicle crashes and motorcycle collisions. However, speeding tends to be more of an issue for motorcyclists, either because they are speeding around vehicles, or vehicles are speeding around them. Drivers of passenger cars often refuse to acknowledge the rights to the road that a motorcyclist has and treats them as a nuisance versus treating them like drivers who have equal share of the road. Unfortunately, speeding is known to result in more serious injuries than collisions where speeding isn’t a factor.

Drunk Driving

Drunk driving is a concern for anyone who gets behind the wheel of a motorized vehicle, be it a motorcycle or a traditional passenger car, or even a truck. However, alcohol is a factor in more deadly motorcycle accidents than car accidents. Nearly half of all fatal motorcycle accidents involve alcohol, while in 2015, only a third of deadly car crashes could be attributed to alcohol. These statistics include accidents where the motorcycle rider was found to have been driving while intoxicated, so it’s absolutely critical that motorcycle riders avoid drinking before getting on their bike.

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