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Defensive Riding to Prevent Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle AccidentsThe risk of injury or death from a motorcycle accident is startlingly high. In 2017, an estimated 27 times more deaths occurred on motorcycles per mile traveled than on cars. What can you do to prevent motorcycle accidents? The following defensive riding tips can help you avoid motorcycle accidents in Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

Choose the Right Riding Gear

Choosing the right gear is crucial where motorcycle safety is concerned. Some examples include the following:

  • Proper gloves
  • Goggles
  • A helmet
  • Boots
  • Jeans or leather pants
  • A denim or leather jacket

Always choose heavier clothing and gear when possible. They can help protect your skin, bones and other parts of your body should you hit the ground in an accident.

Be Confident on the Road

Being a confident rider means understanding and obeying all rules of motorcycle operation on public roads. You also want to quell any nervousness before riding to avoid making mistakes. On the other hand, you should avoid letting your confidence turn into aggression. This can lead to various dangerous situations while riding.

Make Yourself Visible to Motorists

Riding a loud, brightly painted chrome motorcycle makes it easier for motorists to notice you on the road. Just make sure that your motorcycle isn’t so loud as to startle others. This could cause a motorcycle accident on its own. The motorcycle accidents NH and MA residents are injured or killed in are often caused by human error.

Be a Cautious Rider

Turning or traveling over curves can cause a host of safety issues for motorcyclists. Take your turns slowly and choose the safest lane possible while riding your bike on the road. If you notice a large area of open space away from other vehicles on the road, attempt to travel within it. Never share a lane with other bikers.

Keep Your Bike in Good Shape

Riding a motorcycle that is damaged or low on gas can cause serious trouble on the road. You also want to ensure that your tries are properly pressurized and all fluids are at their proper levels before heading out. See a qualified mechanic if you do find yourself in need of motorcycle repairs.

Contact a Motorcycle Accidents Attorney

The statistics surrounding motorcycle accidents are troubling. Defensive riding allows you to take control of your safety so you can enjoy your motorcycle with greater confidence. To learn more about the law regarding injuries from motorcycle accidents, contact us at Mazow | McCullough, PC. We can help find justice for your suffering.

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