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Mazow|McCullough, PC Obtains Settlement for Dog Bite Case

Mazow | McCullough, PC Secures Insurance Coverage and Obtains Settlement for Minor Plaintiff Attacked by Pit Bull Breed Dog

The minor plaintiff was 11 years old at the time of the incident.  The owner of the dog was incarcerated at the time of the attack and the dog was being cared for by the dog owner’s parents.  The dog got loose at the defendants’ property and chased and attacked the boy.  Ultimately, he suffered a fractured wrist and numerous puncture wounds and lacerations to his arms, legs, torso and head.  The injuries required in-patient hospitalization for several days.  The treatment following discharge was limited to ensuring that the wounds stayed clean and were properly cared for.  The minor suffered permanent scarring to his arms and legs due to the extent and size of the bite marks.

The keepers of the dog were pursued and stated pre-litigation that they did not have insurance coverage for the dog.  Plaintiff counsel discovered that the keepers of the dog signed documents under the pains and penalties of perjury when the dog was surrendered to the MSPCA that they were the “owners” of the dog.  Plaintiff counsel filed suit against the owners of the dog as evidenced by the documents obtained by Plaintiff counsel.  A default was entered against the defendants and an attachment was entered as to their residential property.  Following that hearing Plaintiff counsel further uncovered insurance for the defendants’ property and secured coverage for the incident.  After coverage was confirmed the parties assented to remove the default and conduct discovery.

Dog Attack Case $450,000 Settlement

Following limited discovery the case settled for $450,000.00.  The settlement was two years post incident and at that time the minor plaintiff was 13 years old and fully participating in youth activities, including playing on the local football team.  The medical specials were in excess of $75,000.00.  Plaintiff counsel negotiated and was able to have any and all liens waived.

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