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E.coli Water Scare

ecoli bacteria

A Canada based bottled water producer, Niagara Bottling LLC, recalled 14 of its produced bottled water brands due to one of its spring sources being contaminated with E.coli. The company has voluntarily recalled the products out of “an abundance of caution.” To date, there have been no reports of consumers falling sick or any reports of contamination in the recalled bottled water brands.

                         The lists of recalled brands include:

  • Acadia                                                    ∙ Pricerite
  • Acme                                                      ∙ Superchill
  • Big Y                                                       ∙ Morning Fresh
  • Best                                                        ∙ Shaws
  • 7- Eleven                                              ∙ Shoprite
  • Niagara                                                 ∙ Western Beef Blue
  • Natures Place                                     ∙ Wegman’s

The contamination occurred in two of the companies Pennsylvania plants during the dates of June 10 through the 18th, 2015. Since being informed by their spring source of the contamination, the company has shut down operation at the two plants and disinfected their bottling lines. If you have purchased one of the listed brands of bottle water and would like to determine whether your product is part of the recall please visit the company’s website and follow the instructions on how to check the Best by Dates to determine if contamination is a possibility.

Photo credit: NIAID / Foter / CC BY


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