8-Year-Old Braintree Boy Dies from E. Coli
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8-Year-Old Braintree Boy Dies from E. Coli

bacteria infection
Low-temperature electron micrograph of a cluster of E. coli bacteria, via the USDA.

An 8-year-old from Braintree has recently passed away after he ate food tainted with E. coli. What started out as a seemingly innocuous stomach bug quickly turned violent when the boy’s parents noticed he was fatigued and had bloody diarrhea. He was then immediately taken to an emergency room and transferred to Children’s Hospital in Boston when his condition worsened. Tragically, the boy passed away in a matter of ten days, despite the efforts of the doctors at Children’s.

E. coli infections usually come from eating food that has been contaminated with it. The bacterium is dangerous to human beings because it secrets when it infects the intestine. E. coli in children and the elderly causes additional complications beside bloody diarrhea, including renal failure, anemia, dehydration and organ failure. Most E. coli infections resolve on their own and require no treatment, but can turn dangerous quickly.

Currently, there is no E. coli vaccine available for humans. To prevent E. coli from entering into our homes, the CDC recommends cooking and washing food thoroughly and drinking pasteurized and/or treated fluids, such as fruit/veggie juice and milk. The CDC also recommends to avoid touching or eating any foods that may be contaminated with animal or human waste and to wash your hands thoroughly after each and every trip to the rest room and encounters with pet waste.

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