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Disfigurement by Drone: What to Do Next

Drones can be dangerous and cause disfigurement when they malfunction. Here’s what to do next after an injury.

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How Drones Cause Traumatic Brain Injury

Drones are quickly becoming an exciting new hobby as well as a tool for photographers, real estate agents, and more. Anyone who needs an aerial view of something can do so easily with a drone. However, drones have been proving to be more dangerous than…

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Who Is Legally Responsible for a Drone Injury?

With the increased use of drones comes an increased risk of drone injuries. Who can be held legally responsible for a drone injury?

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Can You Stop Drones from Coming onto Your Property?

Drones are becoming popular in all walks of life, from hobbyists to real estate agents to professional wedding photographers. While drones can be quite useful in providing aerial views and can be fun to fly, like any technology, there’s always the possibility that something could…

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5 Causes of Drone Injuries

Drones are relatively new on the market today and while they can be a great way to get an aerial view of something, the laws surrounding drones and drone injuries aren’t exactly clear at present. However, drone operators who exhibit clear negligence and injure someone…

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