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5 Causes of Drone Injuries

Drones are relatively new on the market today and while they can be a great way to get an aerial view of something, the laws surrounding drones and drone injuries aren’t exactly clear at present. However, drone operators who exhibit clear negligence and injure someone else with their drone may be held responsible for their carelessness. Here are 5 causes of drone injuries and what to do if you were hurt by a drone.

Causes of Drone Injuries

  1. Falling Drones

Drones have the potential to run out of power or come to a stop in the sky, falling dozens or even hundreds of feet down. If a person or group of people happen to below the falling drone, critical injury can occur.

  1. Spinning Blades

The spinning blades that keep a drone in the air are sharp and can seriously harm a person should they come into contact with them. In England, an 18-month old child lost his eye as a result of the spinning blades coming into contact with his face after a neighbor lost control of the drone.

  1. Loss of Control

If, like in the above case, a drone operator loses control of the drone, the machine can crash at any time. A drone flying as fast as a car without anyone behind the wheel per se can have dangerous and potentially deadly consequences.

  1. Improper Handling

There are many instances where the improper handling of drones have injured people. Perhaps one of the most notable cases, handled by our firm, is where a wedding photographer crashed his three-pound quadcopter into the faces of two guests during the reception.

  1. Technology Failure

In some cases, drone technology will fail, causing the machine to crash into a person or harm them in some way. In cases like these, the drone operator may not be held responsible for the injuries, but rather, the company that designed and/or manufactured the drone. It is not quite clear who was piloting the drone at the time, or what experience the pilot had.

At Mazow | McCullough, PC, we understand how devastating a drone injury can be to both adults and children. We are committed to providing victims of drone injuries with comprehensive legal support and advocacy. We’ll work hard to determine who may be held responsible for the accident and to see to it that you get the full and fair compensation you deserve.

Contact us today for a consultation with one of our drone injury lawyers by calling 855-693-9084 or 978-744-8000.

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