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Summer Bicycle Safety

Summer Bicycles on City Street - Bicycle SafetySummer is finally here, especially this week with temperatures in the 90’s.

Along with summer come summertime activities like hiking, camping, pools and oh yeah bicycle riding. Well I’ll be honest, since the days started to get warmer I’ve been saying to myself that I need to go on a bike ride or ride my bicycle to work but here we are,  1 month into summer and my bicycle has yet to touch pavement matter of fact its yet to come out of the basement. However, for those of you who are indeed riding your bicycle anywhere and everywhere this summer, here are some safety tips.

Be on the lookout.

Be ready to stop for pedestrians  at crosswalks, driveways and intersections. In order to help you stay alert try to not get distracted by things such as using cellphones to text while riding or listening to music so loud that it will drown out your surroundings.

Use proper hand signals.

When riding your bicycle on the road with other cars it is important to use hand signals in order to let the other drivers on the road know what your next moves are going to be.

Use bike paths whenever possible.

If no bike paths are available and you are forced to ride in the street, keep to the far right side of the road, and ride in the same direction as the traffic.

Wear proper clothing.

Try your best to avoid clothing that could get caught in the bike’s chain or wheels. If possible, wear bright colored clothes in order to make yourself more visible to the motorists on the road.

Get the right size bike.

It is important to have control of the bicycle you are riding. For this reason make sure your bicycle is appropriate for your size be sure to be able to have both feet firmly on the ground when standing over the top bar of the bike.

Enjoy summer bicycling and be Safe!

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