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Young Drivers Warned of Texting While Behind the Wheel

Its not news to everyone that texting and driving continues to be a problem, both in Massachusetts where a state-wide law that prohibits the act and elsewhere.  In a day and age where technology and constant information seem to rule our lives, it is often easy to get distracted by these new gadgets.  Every driver has seen someone behind the wheel seemingly more concerned with their phone conversation then with where their car was headed.

Smart phones are an especially hot new commodity that enables a person to text, surf the internet, play a game, and check their email, all from the comfort of the couch, waiting room or driver’s seat.  According to the National Transportation Board, when someone is texting while behind the wheel they are actively “taking away information from important visual cues on the road.”

The state of Massachusetts has a texting and driving ban for every driver, and has imposed further restrictions on drivers under the age of 18.  These junior operators may not operate a telephone while behind the wheel of a vehicle.  Essex County DA Jonathan Blodgett, is urging students to refrain from texting and driving.  He has already visited several area high schools to inform students about the dangers of texting and driving, as well as the sanctions that are imposed if you are caught in the act.

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