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Green Line Trolley Crash Injures Several

According to, the MBTA had an estimated 39 million person ridership in the month of January alone, making it the most widely used form of public transportation in the state of Massachusetts.

Green Line Trolley Collides With Car

Shortly after 8 p.m. on Monday, February 25, 2013, authorities reported an outbound Green Line trolley collided with a car near the Pleasant St. stop in Allston. The collision left several passengers and the conductor injured. The conductor was reported to be “shaken up” and taken to a hospital, one trolley passenger was transported to a hospital by ambulance and the driver of the vehicle was reported to have some lower back pain upon impact.

Driver of Car Found at Fault

After Transit Police conducted an investigation, it was found that the driver of the vehicle was at fault for the collision and was cited for failing to yield to a trolley at an intersection. The report written by the Transit Police concluded “there is no traffic control device at the intersection and trolleys have the right of way”.

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