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Everyday Distractions

With distracted driving month coming to an end, and warmer weather hopefully following I thought I would take the time to revisit this topic and point out the everyday things you possibly do while driving that without realizing it make you one of the many distracted drivers on the road.

Smoking while driving
I am not a fan of smoking. Therefore, I will keep this short and sweet.
You need to look for the lighter/cigarette- distraction.
You need to light up the cigarette- distraction.
You need to hold the cigarette with one hand- distraction.
You need to get rid of the ashes- distraction.

Moving Objects
What do I mean by moving objects? For one, that overly excited puppy (disclaimer, I call all dogs puppies regardless of age) that you bring in your car and decides that he wants to jump on your lap and look out the window, jump on the passenger seat and look out the window, zoom to the back seat and well, you get it, he is a cute but dangerous distraction. Most likely than not, you are too focused on what he is doing and making sure he doesn’t get hurt to be entirely and solely focused on driving. Anything from an excited puppy, to a piece of paper that you put on your dash which keeps sliding when you take turns is to be considered under the category of moving objects in your car causing you a distraction.

Adjusting mirrors/ controls
Follow the advice we all learned when we first started to learn how to drive, adjust all your mirrors before taking off. This way, you are not cruising down the road and realize that your side view mirror is pointing at your rear tire from that time that you weren’t trying to curb your wheel while parking.

Eating & Drinking
With everyone always being on the go, eating in the car is part of most people’s day.

Unfortunately, holding that burger in your hand while reaching to take a sip of the soda with your other hand doesn’t really result in responsible driving. This one falls under the distracted driving list for obvious reasons.

If you are a victim of a car accident resulting from a distracted driver, don’t hesitate to contact an experienced car accident lawyer at Mazow | McCullough.

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