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Driver in Tom Brady Auto Accident Loses License

The driver of the minivan that struck New England Patriot quarterback Tom Brady’s Audi at a Boston intersection on September 9 has had his driver’s license for 60 days.   According to witnesses and to Tom Brady, Ludgero Rodrigues, a 21-yer-old Brockton man, ran a red light and crossed into Brady’s path at the intersection of Gloucester and Commonwealth in the Back Bay.  Brady says he attempted to swerve out of the way but did not have enough time.  One passenger in the minivan, Rodrigues’ father, sustained serious car accident injuries and was hospitalized.  Neither Brady nor Rodrigues were hurt, but a nearby pedestrian was slightly injured when a traffic light that was knocked free in the collision struck her.

Rodrigues lost his license for 180 days last year after a DUI arrest.  He has also received citations for failure to use seat belts, failure to use child safety seats, failure to signal, driving an uninspected vehicle, and driving without a license.

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