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Distracted Driving – Pedestrian Safety (Video)

Kevin McCullough of Mazow McCullough discusses distracted driving, and pedestrian safety when crossing the road.

As a pedestrian looking to cross a large intersection of a busy street, it can be frustrating, waiting your turn and waiting for that crossing signal to occur. It is extremely important that you as a pedestrian do everything you can to cross that street safely. We know these days there are too many distracted drivers — drivers not paying attention to the traffic signals, drivers who aren’t paying attention to what’s going on around them, or simply a driver who does make a stop, looking to make a quick right turn on a red signal.

Just because you think you have the crossing signal, please take that extra step to be careful to make sure that it’s safe to cross the street. Make eye contact with that driver. Wave to that driver. Wait for them to look at you or wave back. That’s the safest way to ensure that the driver of that car sees you, and it’s safe to cross the street.

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