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Distracted Driving – Increasing Pedestrian Accidents in MA (Video)

Kevin McCullough discusses distracted driving, and the increasing number of pedestrian accident cases that the firm is seeing in Massachusetts.

At the lawyer offices of Mazow and McCullough we’ve been representing those injured in motor vehicle collisions for almost 20 years. During the last several weeks we’ve seen a dramatic increase in pedestrians being hit by motor vehicles. There has been an increase in the entire North Shore here in Massachusetts including incidents in Lynn, Peabody, Salem and Beverly.

We believe that this large increase in pedestrian and motor vehicle collisions is due to distracted driving. It’s more than distracted driving involving cell phones and using the cell phones and text messages. Distracted driving happens every day, and it could involve an upset child in the vehicle; someone late for work trying to put their make-up on as they’re driving down the roadway; someone simply not paying attention to the roadway ahead of them and looking at what’s going on on the side of the road or the sidewalk.

If you’re driving a motor vehicle, please be careful of what’s going on around you and be mindful of what’s going on around you. If you take your eyes off the roadway for one second, a collision can occur and people can get injured.

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