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Bicyclist hit by car

$250K settlement

Settlement: $250,000 settlement Facts: The client was riding his bicycle home from work when he was struck by a car that was attempting a left turn. The client suffered multiple injuries, including a shoulder, arm, hip and knee injury. The client also missed several months from work due to his injuries. Mazow & McCullough was Continue Reading »

$600,000 for fractured skull and head injury

$600K Awarded to Pedestrian Struck by Vehicle

Settlement:  $600,000 for fractured skull and head injury FACTS: Plaintiff was standing at a trolley stop and waiting in the designated area.  The defendant motor vehicle operator veered from the roadway and struck Plaintiff, throwing her several feet into the air and onto the trolley platform.  Witnesses obtained the vehicle information of the negligent motorist Continue Reading »

Injuries sustained in serious motorcycle crash

$1.2 million for injuries sustained in serious motorcycle crash

Settlement:  $1.2 million for injuries sustained in serious motorcycle crash. Facts: Client is in his 30’s was an experienced motorcyclist. As he was traveling on a main roadway with the right of way, a vehicle drove through a stop sign and struck him.  The client suffered severe injuries to his leg requiring multiple surgeries.  The Continue Reading »

Construction Site injury

Confidential Settlement

Settlement:  Confidential. Facts: Client was a union employee working on a construction site.  A large piece of construction material fell onto him and he sustained permanent back injuries, rendering him unable to return to work in his chosen profession.  After three years of litigation, the case was successfully resolved at mediation. Settlement: Confidential. Continue Reading »

Trip and fall injury


Settlement:  confidential settlement. Facts: Client was in her early 50’s and was walking on a brick walkway.  As she was walking, she tripped and fell on a defective section of a brick walkway in front of a restaurant.  As a result of the injuries she sustained in that fall, plaintiff underwent surgery to repair a Continue Reading »

Trip and fall injury


Settlement:  confidential settlement. Facts: This case arose out of an incident that occurred outside of a fast food restaurant when the client tripped in the area of a depressed granite curbstone.  As a result of the injuries she sustained in that fall, the client had two surgeries to repair torn ligaments in her left wrist Continue Reading »

Pedestrian backed into by car

$100K settlement

Settlement: $100,000 Facts: A wheel-chair bound 52 year old male was backed into by a motor vehicle. The chair was pushed several feet, but not knocked over. Client suffered from numerous pre-existing health and anxiety issues. It was alleged that the incident increased the client’s anxiety, stress and fear levels in leaving his home, riding Continue Reading »

Trip and fall at supermarket

$90K settlement

Settlement: $90,000 Facts: Client tripped over a curb that was adjacent to the exit doorway of the supermarket and suffered a rib fracture. Mazow & McCullough quickly investigated the claim and gathered the necessary photographic evidence to show the dangerous condition on the property. The case settled quickly with the insurance company for the store Continue Reading »

Pedestrian struck by car

$100K settlement

Settlement: $100,000.00 Facts: The client was struck by the driver’s side mirror of a car and suffered a shoulder injury. The driver fled the scene but was located by the police. The case settled for the full available insurance limits of $100,000.00. Continue Reading »

Drone crashes onto dance floor at wedding reception

$118K settlement and $45K settlement

Settlement: $118,000 settlement and $45,000 settlement Facts: A drone crashed into two (2) clients while they were dancing at a wedding reception. After Mazow & McCullough filed the lawsuit we were able to determine who the owner and operator of the drone was at the time of the incident. Mazow & McCullough was also able Continue Reading »

Rear end car crash

$100K and $85K

Settlement: $100,000 and $85,000 Facts: Mazow & McCullough took these files over from a referring law firm that had handled the cases for over two (2) years. At the time of the referral there were no offers of settlement. Mazow & McCullough were able to conduct several depositions and quickly obtained settlement offers and settled Continue Reading »

$200,000 for severe injuries in two-car collision

$200K Awarded to Passenger in Automobile Collision

Settlement:  $200,000 for severe injuries in two-car collision FACTS: The passenger in a two-vehicle collision suffered severe injuries requiring hospitalization.  Plaintiff was a passenger in a car that took a left-hand turn in front of a second vehicle.  The insurance carrier for the car that Plaintiff was a passenger in ultimately offered its insurance policy Continue Reading »

Car and Truck crash causes death


Settlement: Confidential Facts: Client was in her early 40’s driving with her children. A truck on the opposite side of the roadway turned into her path of travel and crashed into her car. She was ejected from her vehicle. She died later that day to the severe injuries. The case was settled without filing a Continue Reading »

Car crash

$250K settlement

Settlement: $250,000 settlement Facts: Client was a college student home for Spring break. His car was hit by a truck when he drove through an intersection. The impact of the crash caused the client to break his collar bone which required surgery. The truck driver’s insurance company disputed liability, claiming that the truck driver had Continue Reading »

Pedestrian struck by car

$100K settlement

Settlement: $100,000 settlement Facts: Client and another person had left a restaurant and were struck by a car as they crossed the street. The driver of the car fled the scene of the crash and it required the police to track her down. The driver denied she was aware that she struck anybody. The driver Continue Reading »

Car crash

$250K settlement

Settlement: $250,000 settlement Facts: This case arose out of a car crash in Massachusetts. The client was hit by another car which ran a stop sign. The impact was so severe that the car spun around and crashed into a tree. The client suffered a serious fracture of the femur bone. The case settled for Continue Reading »

Dog Attack

$210K settlement

Settlement: $210K Facts: The client was attacked by a rescue dog while attending a large, outdoor public event. Although dogs were allowed at the event, the client alleged that this particular dog, based upon its troubled background and prior biting incidents should not have been at the event. After filing a lawsuit against the dog Continue Reading »

Passenger in car where driver has medical issue

Settlement $230,000

Driver who sustains seizure leads to a settlement of $230,000. The client was a passenger in a car and the driver suffered a seizure, which caused him to crash the car. The client was injured severely and suffered a leg fracture, which required surgery. The driver’s insurance company threatened to use the “sudden medical emergency” Continue Reading »

Pedestrian struck by car

Settlement $195,000

The client was a pedestrian in a parking lot at a busy supermarket. As he was crossing the street, he was hit by a car driving approximately ten miles per hour. The client went up and over the vehicle and landed on the pavement. A search of the driver’s history with the registry of motor Continue Reading »

Client’s car struck head on

Settlement $150,000

The client was driving her car around a bend on a bright and sunny afternoon. As she turned the corner, a car, coming in the opposite direction, was struck in the rear by a truck. The force of that impact pushed the vehicle into the client’s travel lane and struck her car head on. The Continue Reading »

$9.4 million Class Action

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE March 29th 2022 SALEM LAWYERS SETTLE CONSUMER CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT Attorney Kevin McCullough of Salem represented plaintiffs on behalf of elderly residents against an assisted living residence alleging violations of G.L.c. 186, §15B (the “Security Deposit Statute”) and G.L.c. 93A. The defendant allegedly collected an unlawful “community fee” and security deposits which Continue Reading »

$1.3 million Attorney Fee Awarded in Class Action Settlement

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE March 29th, 2022 SALEM LAWYERS SETTLE CONSUMER CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT The plaintiff alleged that Guinness Extra Stout or GES, in an attempt to deceive consumers of the origins of the beer, is not actually brewed at Saint James’s Gate Brewery in Dublin, Ireland, and is instead brewed in Canada. The plaintiff also Continue Reading »

$140,000 for fractured clavicle and pelvis

$140K Awarded for Motorcycle Accident

Settlement:  $140,000 for fractured clavicle and pelvis FACTS: The Plaintiff suffered a fractured clavicle and fractured pelvis when the driver of a motor vehicle attempted an improper U-turn without looking.  The insurance company attempted to blame the motorcyclist and alleged that he was traveling at an excessive rate of speed.  This argument was quickly extinguished Continue Reading »

Loss of consciousness and collarbone injury

Man in Wheelchair Dropped by Ambulance Personnel Settles for Confidential Amount

Settlement:  Loss of consciousness and collar bone injury FACTS: The client was a double amputee and required the use of a wheelchair for mobility.  He called a local ambulance company for assistance so that he could be carried into his house.  Instead of using a proper stair carrier to get him into his house, ambulance Continue Reading »

Traumatic brain injury

Slip and Fall Settles for Confidential Amount

Settlement:  Traumatic brain injury FACTS: The plaintiff, a teacher’s aide, was working part-time at a local store.  When she went to retrieve some stock in the storage room, she fell into an open trap door.  The trap door, which was located in the floor, was unknown to the plaintiff as it had always been covered Continue Reading »

$225,000 for permanent, painful and disfiguring scarring

$225K Awarded for Dog Bite to the Face

Settlement:  $225,000 for permanent, painful and disfiguring scarring Facts: The plaintiff, a 49 year old woman, was invited to the defendant’s home to watch a New England Patriots game. While sitting on the floor and engaged in a conversation with defendant’s daughter, she was bitten in the face by defendant’s. The bite left a jagged scar on left cheek Continue Reading »

Passenger injured when driver lost control of car

$100K Awarded in Motor Vehicle Crash

Passenger injured when driver lost control of car Facts: 23 year old male client was a passenger in a single car motor vehicle crash caused by the driver “joy riding,” who lost control of the vehicle.  The driver hit a guard rail causing the vehicle to flip. Client sustained a fractured nose and ribs, collapsed Continue Reading »

Landlord fails to maintain deck

$40K Awarded When Apartment Porch Collapsed

Settlement:  $40,000 for landlord’s failure to maintain deck Facts: While exiting his apartment to go to the mailbox, the porch gave way causing the 53 year-old plaintiff tenant to fall. Plaintiff sustained a right medial and lateral meniscus tear. After failed attempts to treat the injury conservatively, plaintiff  underwent arthroscopic surgery to repair the knee, Continue Reading »

Injuries sustained on public transportation

$30K Awarded for Injury on Public Transportation

Settlement: $30,000 for injuries sustained on public transportation Facts: Client, a 73 year old woman, boarded public transportation. Just as she was about to sit down, the train began to jostle from side-to-side, followed by a sudden stop. During this stop, the client fell and was injured. She was transported to the hospital for emergency room Continue Reading »

Injuries sustained in motor accident

$290K Awarded in Motor Vehicle Collision Case

Injuries sustained in motor accident Settlement: $290,000.00 Facts: A 77 year old New Hampshire man was involved in a head on collision when another motorist crossed the double yellow lines dividing the roadway. Although the seat belt kept the client in his seat, thus avoiding additional injury the airbags that deployed from underneath the dashboard Continue Reading »

Teenager Attacked by Dog

$450k Awarded in Dog Bite Case

A 15-year-old boy was at a neighbor’s home. Without any warning or provocation, the neighbor’s Pit Bull/Mastiff mix viciously attacked the boy causing severe and permanent injuries. The boy’s injuries include a fractured hand and wrist, bites and lacerations to the head, Continue Reading »

Carpenter Injured by a Defective Ladder

$1.75 m Awarded in Wrongful Death

Employed through a subcontractor, a 40 year old finish carpenter was installing windows at a condominium complex in Hull, Massachusetts. While he was 20 feet up on a ladder supplied to him by his employer, the ladder gave way and he crashed to the ground. As a result Continue Reading »

Teenager Drowns in Lake at Summer Camp

$1.2 M Awarded in Wrongful Death

A high school football team took its players to a summer camp for pre-season training. The boys were allowed to swim in the camp’s lake. The camp provided a lifeguard to oversee the swimmers. The lifeguard was unfamiliar with the waterfront rules. The lifeguard allowed Continue Reading »

Elderly Woman Dies from E. Coli Tainted Beef

$1.2 M Awarded in Product Liability

A 70-year-old woman purchased ground beef at a New Hampshire supermarket. The meat was infected with E. coli bacteria. She prepared hamburgers for herself and her companion. After experiencing severe gastrointestinal pain, she was admitted to Continue Reading »

$625k Due to the Negligent Care of a Nursing Home Resident

Nursing Home & Assisted Living Facility Negligence

Plaintiff was a full-time resident at a Massachusetts assisted living facility. On the date of the incident Plaintiff was 77 years old and suffering from right sided paralysis. Plaintiff was unable to independently move and required assistance moving from bed to chair. Continue Reading »

Drain Cleaner Product Fails to Warn, Causes Severe Burns

$600k Awarded in Product Liability

The plaintiff was in his 40s and owned a restaurant in Marblehead, Massachusetts. He was using a lye drain opener to unclog a drain in the kitchen of his restaurant. The drain did not clear and he used the product again. During the second application, the lye exploded Continue Reading »

Object Left in 18-Year Old for Over a Year

$535k Awarded in Medical Malpractice

The plaintiff was 18 years old when she underwent a laparotomy at the defendant’s hospital in Essex County, Massachusetts. Two nurses and one scrub technician allegedly conducted three separate counts of surgical instruments and sponges during the procedure. Continue Reading »

Dangerous Pathway Causes Severely Broken Leg

$185k Awarded in Premise Liability

A 63-year-old pediatrician was invited to his friend’s home in Wakefield, New Hampshire. The homeowner had designed and constructed a dock and walkway that led from the waterfront to his house. The right side of the walkway angled sharply uphill Continue Reading »

Exploratory Laparotomy Leaves Behind a Sponge

$150k Awarded in Medical Malpractice

The plaintiff was 85 years old when she underwent an exploratory laparotomy at the defendant’s hospital in Essex County, Massachusetts. Two nurses and one scrub technician conducted various counts of the sponges and instruments during the surgery. Continue Reading »

Collision while Entering A Parking Lot

$150k Awarded for Auto Collision

A woman in her mid-40s was T-boned in her automobile while entering a parking lot. The defendant denied responsibility and alleged that because of our client’s extensive prior injuries, the damages she did cause were minimal. Through extensive discovery practice Continue Reading »

Lab Mistake Causes Unnecessary Surgery

$120k Awarded in Medical Malpractice

A woman, five months pregnant, went to her doctor’s office for a routine biopsy. Because of the negligence of the lab performing the biopsy, she was informed that she had a particularly insidious form of cancer, which was an immediate threat to her life Continue Reading »

Jogger Hit by Drunk Driver

$90k Awarded in Drunk Driver Case

A 43-year-old physician was jogging in Marblehead, Massachusetts. As she ran along Atlantic Avenue, a car driven by the defendant swerved and struck her in the left side. The plaintiff was thrown onto a nearby yard and rolled. Police and an ambulance came Continue Reading »

Premise Liability Settlement For Over-Service of Liquor


Settlement: $500,000 for premise liability negligence Case Facts The plaintiff was nearly 48 years old when she went on a date with a friend to a bar in Peabody, Massachusetts. The friend was well-known at the bar and drank alcohol there regularly. The friend was served alcohol beyond the point of obvious intoxication and was Continue Reading »

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