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$200,000 for severe injuries in two-car collision

$200K Awarded to Passenger in Automobile Collision

The passenger in a two-vehicle collision suffered severe injuries requiring hospitalization.  Plaintiff was a passenger in a car that took a left-hand turn in front of a second vehicle.  The insurance carrier for the car that Plaintiff was a passenger in ultimately offered its insurance policy limit to the Plaintiff in the amount of $100,000.00.

Based upon the impact and extent of Plaintiff’s injuries, Mazow|McCullough, PC filed a lawsuit against the second vehicle driver as it appeared that the second vehicle was traveling at an unsafe speed and also contributed to the collision and injuries.

After fighting with both insurance companies for almost two (2) years Mazow|McCullough, PC secured an offer of settlement from the insurance company for the second vehicle in the amount of an additional $100,000.00.