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A Simple Guide to Prevention, Injuries, Claims, and Understanding the Legal Process

dog bite prevention book

by Robert E. Mazow, Esq. & Kevin J. McCullough, Esq.

You can protect your family from the devastating consequences of a dog attack

Your Family’s Guide to Dog Bite Injuries is a comprehensive book that provides dog bite victims and their families with the necessary resources to navigate this painful period. It’s a first step in sorting through the legal rights of dog bite victims to ensure they are as educated as possible as they move through the journey of recovery. You’ll find information about dog bite laws, how to help prevent a dog from attacking you, how to deal with injures if you do get bit, and how to get fair compensation for your suffering.

“Robert Mazow Esq. and Kevin McCullough Esq. have extensive knowledge about dog bite cases; they’re truly experts in this area of law.” – Tom

“Looking for an easy-to-understand guide on dog bite laws, injuries, and prevention? This book covers dog bites and related issues backward and forward.” – Sarah

“I’ve had dogs for about 50 years of my life so I’ve always been pretty comfortable around them. However, some time ago I was attacked by a pit bull, resulting in a traumatic injury to the palm of my right hand, requiring 20 internal and external stitches to close the wound. As I am right-handed, it was quite disabling until the wound fully healed. Atty. Robert Mazow and his team were extremely supportive during this time. He was a fierce advocate in obtaining a great settlement for me from the dog owner’s insurance company. ” – Mark

“Get this book if you want an inside look at how dog bite lawsuits really work, what the most important evidence is in a dog bite case, and what you need to look for in an attorney.” – Jerry


Foreward: Don Famico, Animal Control Officer for the city of Salem, Massachusetts

Paperback: 59 pages

ISBN: 978-1-7351836-0-2

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 – Understand Dog Ownership & Dog Bite Laws

Chapter 2 – Protect Yourself and Others from Dog Attacks

Chapter 3 – Know what to Do After a Dog Attack

Chapter 4 – Lawsuit Alternatives for Dog Bite Injuries

Chapter 5 – File a Lawsuit for Compensation

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