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Massachusetts Wrongful Death Claims – Financial Damages

Massachusetts Wrongful Death Claims in Court

In the state of Massachusetts, it’s important to have a Massachusetts wrongful death attorney fighting that fight for you. The ultimate recovery in a Massachusetts wrongful death claim really depends on the presentation of that claim and the elements of damages. This includes being able to:

  • Calculate and quantify the lost wages of that person
  • Calculate the loss of future earning capacity of that person
  • To show to a judge or jury what that person went through before they died, including conscious pain and suffering

Those are all elements that are critical in the presentation of a wrongful death claim and impact the value of a wrongful death claim.

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Do you need legal advice on Massachusetts wrongful death claims? Contact a Massachusetts wrongful death attorney at Mazow|McCullough, PC. Our compassionate wrongful death attorneys offer a free legal consultation for families and loved ones.

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