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Boston Firefighter’s are True Heroes

It is hard to imagine a more noble and heroic profession than that of the firefighter.  It takes an extremely special person to dedicate his or her life to the purpose of saving lives and property.  Can you imagine waking up every day to go to your workplace where you wait for the opportunity to save a human being?  To prevent the loss of homes, and memories, and valuables, and pets?  This is the role of the firefighter.

Fallen Heroes in Beacon Street Fire

Last week in Boston we were reminded just how dangerous it is for these heroes.  On March 26, 2014, Lt. Edward Walsh and firefighter Michael Kennedy died while trying to battle flames in a home on Beacon Street.  According to Deputy Fire Chief Joe Finn, he had never seen a fire travel as swiftly as this fire.  Additionally, there were tremendous windy conditions that afternoon and night which caused the fire to travel fast.

But large flames, icy weather, and treacherous conditions did not stop Lt. Walsh or firefighter Kennedy from doing their jobs.  They did what they were trained to do – fight a dangerous fire.  They did this so that the rest of us could rest safely, or have dinners with our families, or work at our desks, or go to cocktail parties.  These firefighters literally risk life and limb so the rest of us are safe.BFD Logo

Unfortunately, Lt. Walsh and firefighter Kennedy paid the ultimate sacrifice in their valiant attempt to put out the massive fire.  A total of 13 other firefighters suffered injuries including broken bones and burns.

Lt. Kennedy was 43 years old and was a Hyde Park resident and Marine veteran.  Firefighter Walsh was 33 years old and leaves behind three children, all under the age of 10, and a wife.

Mazow | McCullough, PC salutes Lt. Kennedy, firefighter Walsh, the entire Massachusetts Fire Department community, and firefighters around the world who dedicate their lives to saving ours.

In dedication to the heroes, Mazow|McCullough, PC will be donating a portion of settlements to the Wounded Warrier Project (



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