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Motorcycle Safety Series: Speeding & Driver Behavior Debunked

SpeedingA favorite pastime for both New Hampshire and Massachusetts residents is riding their motorcycle and enjoying the beautiful New England scenery on the go. As much fun as this can be, motorcycles are unfortunately more dangerous than other types of motor vehicles in terms of motorcycle collision injuries and death.

We’re looking at four of the top motorcycle safety factors – helmets, driver behavior, riding clothes, and road conditions.

Let’s talk about driver behavior.

Myths About Motorcycle Training

Learning how to ride a motorcycle is much more challenging than riding a bicycle, however, a surprising amount of motorcycle owners have never had any type of operation or safety guidance. How you learn to operate your motorcycle plays a significant role in your overall driver behavior, even years after the fact.

Some myths about motorcycle classes include:

Formal Training Doesn’t Exist for Motorcycles

Many people think that it’s not possible to be formally trained on how to ride a motorcycle. After all, driver’s education for traditional motor vehicles is arguably lacking. However, quite the opposite is true. You are likely to find motorcycle training courses through your local motorcycle dealership, and some classes may even be free and operated by volunteers.

Formal Training Isn’t Necessary to Ride a Motorcycle

By far the most common myth about motorcycle training is that it’s not necessary. Formal training is rarely provided to motorcyclists if they know how to drive a car, although the two do not operate in the same way at all. Specific training on how to safely operate a motorcycle and avoid the common causes of a motorcycle accident is incredibly important.

Motorcycle Riding Do’s and Don’ts

These do’s and don’ts when you’re on your bike can help you avoid a catastrophic and even deadly motorcycle accident:


  • Suit up. Make sure you’re wearing the proper protective gear before riding, including a helmet approved by the Department of Transportation (DOT).
  • Obey traffic laws. Be aware of the traffic laws in the area you’re riding in and follow them.
  • Drive cautiously. Many car and truck drivers don’t look for motorcycles when operating their vehicles. It’s never a bad idea to be extra cautious when on your bike.


  • Drink and drive. Drinking and operating a motorcycle is equally or even more dangerous than driving a car while intoxicated.
  • The faster you’re traveling at the time of your motorcycle accident, the more likely you are to sustain serious or even fatal injuries.
  • Drive recklessly. Motorcycle riders will often try to weave in and out of traffic to get by because their vehicle is small, or they may pass someone going slowly on the right if the left lane is full. However, these actions are highly likely to cause an accident.

I Was in a Motorcycle Collision and Was Partly at Fault. Can I Still Get Compensation?

If you are considered partially at fault for your motorcycle accident, you may be subject to comparative negligence laws. This means that the amount of your settlement award may be reduced by a percentage related to how much you contributed to the collision.

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