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Team Building at Martin Family Ranch in Chester, New Hampshire

This quarter, we had the opportunity to spend some time team building and working on strengthening our relationships within the office. Team building is an important aspect of any office, because of how it allows coworkers to strengthen their relationships with each other. Once our coworkers feel more comfortable around each other, we can do a better job at helping our clients and making sure that we are doing everything we can to focus on a better client experience. At Mazow McCullough, we need to be a family so that we can better help your family get the compensation that you deserve.

We began the day arriving at the ranch for an authentic Cowboy Breakfast, which included some of the best homemade pancakes of our lives! Here, we got the run-down of the workings at the ranch, and how ranch life differs from life in Salem. Living on a ranch with many different animals means taking time to care for each and every one of those animals, including waking up at five in the morning to start your days with them.

Ranch Breakfast

After our incredible breakfast, we were introduced to some of the team-building and friendly competitions of the day. First, we split into groups and listened to the instructions for each activity. The names of the groups we were split into represented western states with a reputation for having cowboy lifestyles, including Texas, Wyoming, and Kansas. The activities included: ax throwing, saddle building, and log splitting. Each of these required a certain amount of teamwork and communication to be done successfully, while still having fun. For each game, we were timed and scored on our ability to complete the tasks successfully. Once all of the teams had completed their games and tasks, we were asked to choose one person from each team to compete in one competition for a final score. Overall, the team with the highest score was Team Texas, reminding the rest of us, not to mess with Texas.

Team Building
Pictured from left to right: Rob’s ax throwing bullseye, Rob and Courtney log splitting, Stephanie building a saddle with Lis’s help.

After all of this friendly competition, we had an amazing smoked BBQ brisket lunch made by the Martin family themselves. Here, we listened to what would happen in the afternoon, which would be our horse riding adventure.

Pictured: the meat smoking setup that resulted in the most amazing barbeque brisket of our lives!

Once the horse riding adventure began, we each took turns greeting the horses. As we learned, it’s important to gain the trust of these horses before riding. We then got the chance to brush the horses, clean their horseshoes, and start riding. In groups of three, we were led around the horse track by our trainers. They taught us how to steer, stop, and speed up while riding. These are all important aspects to keep your horse in control. Once we had the chance to practice on their track, we went on a beginner’s trail with the horses in the beautiful New Hampshire woods. After all of this, we were surprisingly exhausted from cheering on each of our coworkers and riding around on the trails. The horses must have been tired too!

Kevin Toga Horse
Pictured: Kevin on his horse Toga going for a ride around the horse track.

Pictured: Kevin on his horse Toga going for a ride around the horse track.

At the end of the day, we definitely felt closer as a team and very graciously thanked the Martin Family for having us at their ranch. We look forward to coming back in the near future!

Pictured from left to right: Sheri McCullough, Kevin McCullough, Rob Mazow, Lily Abrams, Lis Santos, Stephanie Mastrocola, Courtney Carleo, Robert Hartigan, Liv Trevisani, Stephanie Martin, Kate Masson.

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