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Swimming Pool Safety is Key

With the summer in full swing, more and more people find themselves trying to find a way to visit a pool.  Sometimes this pool is the local municipalities, in which case there is a lifeguard on duty to help monitor and protect those who visit it; just as often it may be at a friend’s house, or a friend of a friend who has opened up their home to people seeking to get out of the heat.

Swimming Pool Injuries and Fatalities

There is an unfortunate reality about backyard swimming pools however.  The Consumer Product Safety Commission 2010 Pool and Spa Submersion Report found that the overwhelming majority of Emergency Department visits treating submersion injuries and reported fatalities were associated with pools.  For victims under five years of age, residential locations were the predominant location of the incident.  Drowning is the second leading cause of death for children under 14.

With recent news of several young children drowning it is more important than ever that parents, caregivers, and pool owners remain vigilant when children are anywhere near the pool.  This website has a variety of valuable resources to educate both adults and children about pool safety.

If you have been, or know someone who has been injured or suffered a wrongful death because of a drowning incident, please contact the law offices of Mazow and McCullough in Salem, Massachusetts.  We will help you understand your rights.

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