Dog Laws and Safety for New Owners (Video)
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Dog Laws and Safety for New Dog Owners (Video)

Don Famico, Animal Control Officer, shares some information for new dog owners on the Massachusetts laws regarding registration, shots, and preventing dog bites.

Hi, I’m Don Famico. I’m the Animal Control Officer with the City of Salem. Also, the Inspector of Animals within the City of Salem for the State of Massachusetts. We have some information here this morning for new dog owners. What they need to do to comply with the laws here in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Number one, all dogs within the Commonwealth of Massachusetts need to have a dog registration license tag. Prior to having the dog license tag, you need to get the dog inoculated for rabies. Those are two of the most important things to start off with, as well as getting proper veterinarian care for your dog. To get the dog to a vet so that they can be screened for different diseases that dogs do have and proper medications.

You also want to teach any children, that are going to be with the dog, proper handling techniques for the dog so that they know enough not to be pulling the dog’s tail, or pulling his ears, or poking at their eyes, to prevent dog bites in the future.

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