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Dog Attacks A Second Time

A Mansfield dog, already sentenced to death for mauling a 6 year old boy, bit a 16 year old girl this weekend. Following the boards’ decision to euthanize the dog, it was allowed to go home with its owners for a period of 10 days, allowing the family time to appeal the decision. It was during this time that the dog attacked for a second time. Following the second incident, the owners released the dog to Mansfield officials, who reported the dog will be euthanized this week.

Injuries Caused by Mansfield Dog

The girl’s condition is unknown at this time, but she was taken to Hasbro Children’s Hospital following the incident. The 6 year old that was attacked by the dog, however, underwent surgery, needing more than 400 stiches to repair injuries to his face and body. According to a Mansfield animal control officer, the dogs bites were “excessive” and recommended the dog be euthanized.

Call a MA Dog Bite Lawyer

At the Law Office of Mazow | McCullough, P.C. we will aggressively pursue the owner(s) of the dog in question in order to hold them accountable, whether through mediation and arbitration, or by means of a jury trial. The injuries from a dog bite or dog attack can be serious, including permanent scarring, rabies, nerve damage, infection and more. The Right Lawyer Makes All The Difference.

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