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Severe Injury

Medical Malpractice Facts

Medical malpractice isn’t something to be taken lightly – many people are critically injured or lose their lives to this completely preventable problem every day. Whether by surgical error, misdiagnosis, medication or anesthesia errors, people across the nation suffer greatly due to the mistakes or negligence of medical professionals in hospitals and in private clinic Continue Reading »

3 Obstacles Faced After a Truck Accident

Truck accidents can be devastating on many different levels, especially physically and financially. Because truck accidents tend to result in critical injuries and fatalities at a higher rate than other types of auto accidents, the effects of a truck collision can be much more challenging. While it’s clear that victims of truck accidents are going Continue Reading »

Massachusetts Drone Injury Lawyers

Drones, which originated as technology that allowed for safe U.S. surveillance in high conflict areas like Afghanistan, have also become a popular new toy for people of all ages. Drones can be both useful and fun to fly, but unfortunately, they also have the ability to cause serious injury. Here’s what you need to know Continue Reading »

Negligent Security

Security measures and security personnel are put in place for a reason – to protect. When such security measures fail to perform their duty, accidents, assaults, and other unfortunate events can occur that may result in personal injury or wrongful death. In such circumstances, the person or persons, company, or organization responsible should be held Continue Reading »

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