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Food Borne Illness

E. Coli Food Poisoning

If you think you have suffered from an E. coli infection, talk to an E. coli attorney in MA at Mazow|McCullough. We understand how an E. coli infection can drastically affect a person’s life and have years of experience in successfully prosecuting food poisoning cases for our clients. Call our Essex County, MA office today for a Continue Reading »

Salmonella Outbreak in Massachusetts

The Massachusetts Department of Public Health has issued a warning to consumers that the Traders Joe’s Valencia Creamy Salted Peanut Butter Made with Sea Salt may be part of a national outbreak of Salmonella infection.  Since June 11, there have been 29 cases nationwide, with 3 of those cases occurring in Massachusetts.  If you have Continue Reading »

E. Coli Outbreak Turns Deadly

E. Coli Fatality in Recent Outbreak A deadly strain of the E. Coli 0145 virus is to blame for recent serious illnesses across the United States.  This strain has unfortunately already caused the death of a 21 month old child in Louisiana.  According to the Centers for the Disease Control and Prevention, there have been fourteen Continue Reading »

Walmat Recalls Pastries

Walmart Stores Issue Recall on Pastries Walmart Stores across the country have issued a recall on eight ounce packs of Cruller Bakery Pastries. The pastries that are affected look similar to a doughnut and are being recalled for failure to add a certain allergen to the ingredient list.  The allergen that is found is Sodium Continue Reading »

Listeria In Stop & Shop Shredded Cheese

Stop & Shop Issues a Voluntary Recall on Miller’s Shredded Cheese Packages The supermarket chain Stop & Shop has issued a voluntary recall on several shredded cheese packages from its supplier Miller’s Cheese Corp.  The recall was issued because some of the cheese packages are potentially contaminated with Listeria Monocytogenes.  Listeria Monocytogenes can cause high Continue Reading »

Cilantro Recall in 7 States, including Massachusetts

Salmonella-contaminated Cilantro Recalled Salmonella may contaminate 6,141 cartons of cilantro that was distributed in 7 states.  This cilantro is being voluntarily recalled by a California food company. Pacific Cilantro, based in Salinas, announced that a sample of their herbs was found to be contaminated with salmonella by the Food and Drug Association (FDA). While no Continue Reading »

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