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Hit and Run in Salem

Picture of Loring Ave in Salem, MA.

An 83 year old woman was struck and killed by a hit and run driver this past month in Salem, MA. While she was crossing the street to dispose of weeds from her garden, which her family says she did often, she was stuck on Loring Avenue. According to witnesses at the scene, the driver sped off towards the Swampscott area.

The Salem native was pronounced dead after being taken to Salem Hospital. Salem Police responded to 911 calls at around 9:08 a.m. and are still on the lookout for a small dark colored car, possibly a Honda or a Mazda, according to witnesses. Police are also looking to speak to a man that helped the victim after she was struck. Witnesses are being encouraged to call the Salem Police Department with any information pertinent to the incident.

At the Law Office of Mazow|McCullough, P.C. we will aggressively pursue the responsible person(s) in question in order to hold them accountable, whether through mediation and arbitration, or by means of a jury trial. The injuries resulting from a pedestrian accident can result in serious injuries, often death. You can contact us at 978-744-8000 or [email protected]. The Right Lawyer Makes All The Difference.

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