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What to Do When a Boat Malfunctions and Causes Injury

Many boating accidents in Massachusetts and New Hampshire are caused by driver error, intoxication, speeding, and other factors that are considered preventable. However, boats that malfunction can also cause injury to the boat operator and his or her passengers. When this occurs, it’s important to know what to do next.

Investigating the Evidence for Boat Manufacturer Responsibility

If a boat malfunctions due to a flaw in the design or manufacture of a boat, the manufacturer of the watercraft may be responsible for damages incurred by the individual(s) injured. However, this can only be achieved if the allegedly defective or dangerous product is maintained and preserved in a manner so that an expert can properly examine the boat.

If you believe that your boating injury was caused by malfunction, you should contact an attorney with specific experience in boat accident claims. Your lawyer will carefully examine what happened directly before the accident, for example, you heard the motor or propeller make strange noises, as well as what happened during and after the incident. Once all the facts are reviewed, your attorney will recommend whether or not pursuing a case against the boat manufacturer is appropriate.

Examples of Boat Accidents & Injuries Caused by Malfunction

Here are some examples of boat accidents and injuries that are the result of a malfunction in a watercraft itself:

  • A fire caused by faulty wiring in the boat’s electrical system
  • A malfunction in the boat’s motor causing the boat to stall, e.g., if the boat was stranded at sea for several days and passengers were injured due to exposure to the elements for an extended length of time
  • A gear malfunction that caused the boat to reverse or be propelled forward into another watercraft or object
  • A defect in the design or build of the craft that caused it to swamp, capsize, or sink
  • Problems with the steering mechanism of the boat, causing a collision
  • A malfunction of the kill switch that does not kill the boat motor in an emergency situation

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