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On the Flip side

For most people, being in a car accident can be pretty dramatic. Even worse, most people that I know would be terrified after being in a car that was flipped over on its side during the accident. But, not this brave and young- in spirit- couple. After being unhurt in a serious accident in California, an elderly couple even posed for pictures, with the wife still stuck inside the vehicle. At one point, the wife even asked her husband for her purse so she can snap pictures of the pretty unbelievable moment. Both walked away unscathed from the seemingly terrifying experience.

Car flipped on side accident

As lucky as these two were, not many are so lucky as to walk away from such a serious accident. While car accident fatalities have decreased in Massachusetts over the last few years as well as nationally, they still occur. In fact, hundreds of fatal car accidents still occur statewide. Over 30,000 people are killed in crashes each year in the United States.

In Massachusetts, there were over $350 million dollars spent in crash-related death costs last year, including $6 million in medical costs and $388 million in work loss costs. While the senior’s photo-op was unbearably adorable, it is important to remember that crashes are preventable by being vigilant and following the rules of the road. Although we cannot decide how everyone is going to drive around us, we can do our part by being defensive drivers. Educating young and old drivers regarding preventative measures, seat belts, impaired and/or distracted driving and motorcycle safety should be on the forefront of everyone’s mind when out on the road.

Even so, accidents do happen. At the  Mazow|McCullough, P.C. we will aggressively pursue the responsible person(s) in question in order to hold them accountable, whether through mediation and arbitration, or by means of a jury trial. The injuries resulting from a motor vehicle or pedestrian accident can result in serious injuries, often death. You can contact us at 978-744-8000 or [email protected]. The Right Lawyer Makes All The Difference.

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