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Talking to an Insurance Adjuster after an Auto Accident

If you’ve been involved in a collision or if you’ve been struck by a motor vehicle and you’re injured, it’s important to talk to an auto accident attorney first. Auto Insurance – Initial Statements Because an auto insurance company is going to try and reach out to you immediately after the accident or collision and Continue Reading »

Another Appellate Victory for Auto Accident Clients

Auto accident attorney Kevin McCullough recently secured yet another appellate victory for medical providers who offer medical services to those injured in motor vehicle accidents. This victory providers further support that an insurance company who refuses to pay for reasonable medical bills to a provider will have to pay for the provider’s attorney’s fees if Continue Reading »

Mazow|McCullough – Appellate Victory for Medical Providers

For years, medical providers who offer services to those injured in car accidents have been at the mercy of auto insurance companies who use their own doctors and billing software program to dramatically reduce bills. Auto Insurance Companies Hiring Their Own Doctors Cloaked as “cost-savings measures”, insurance companies hire their own doctors to conduct “independent” Continue Reading »

Auto Accidents – Role of an Insurance Adjuster

What is an Insurance Adjuster? An insurance adjuster is an employee of the insurance company and it is the insurance adjuster’s job to gather the facts of a particular incident and to investigate the facts of a particular incident. And they’re doing that on behalf of the insurance company. An Adjuster’s Role in Auto Accident Continue Reading »