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$290K Awarded in Motor Vehicle Collision Case

Injuries sustained in motor accident

Settlement: $290,000.00


A 77 year old New Hampshire man was involved in a head on collision when another motorist crossed the double yellow lines dividing the roadway. Although the seat belt kept the client in his seat, thus avoiding additional injury the airbags that deployed from underneath the dashboard and steering column caused friction burns to his legs and shin area. The client was required to undergo a skin graft to an area on his shin due to the friction burn from the airbag.


The insurance company for the at fault driver disputed the injury and blamed the skin injury on the client’s long standing history of chronic venous hypertension with ulcer(s) and inflammation. The company also blamed the prolonged recovery time on the fact that the client refused to quit smoking against the advice of the treating doctors.


Mazow/McCullough, PC successfully argued on behalf of the client and presented the case effectively proving the “causation” of the injury was the direct result of the negligence of the other driver. After securing the full policy limits of $100K from the at fault driver Mazow/McCullough, PC also uncovered a second policy of insurance and secured an additional $190K from that second policy for a total recovery to the client of $290,000.00.

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