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Law Firm Marketing at Mazow McCullough

Law Firm Marketing at Mazow McCullough

In this podcast, Kevin McCullough, Attorney, and Lily Abrams, Marketing Assistant, from Mazow McCullough talk about the firm’s marketing efforts. They cover the firm’s website, social media pages, and community outreach. Then, they talk about building personality and generating web content through podcasts.

John Maher: Hi, I am John Maher, and I’m here today with attorney Kevin McCullough and marketing assistant Lily Abrams of the Law Office of Mazow McCullough. Today we’re talking about law firm marketing here at Mazow McCullough. Lily and Kevin, welcome.

Kevin McCullough: Thank you, John.

Lily Abrams: Thank you, John.

Types of Marketing for Law Firms

John: Yeah. Kevin, what types of marketing do you do for your law firm?

Kevin: John, we do various types of marketing here at the firm. It’s very important in 2022 to be mindful of the different media that are out there and the different ways that clients may see you, or even the community that we’re working in will see us, and how they see us. We have merchandise that we give to clients and friends and family members, ranging from hats, T-shirts, pullover sweatshirts, bags for the farmer’s market that takes place out front.

We also have website activity, different organizations that field calls and inquiries from potential clients that then direct those clients to us on certain issues. Beyond the website, we have social media activity with Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn for all of our employees. This year we’ve been lucky enough to have our marketing assistant, Lily Abrams, who’s really taken over and taken the lead for that piece of the business, and specifically with daily activity and involvement on the social media sites and information sources.

Social Marketing for Law Firms

John: Right. Lily, tell me a little bit about the types of activities that you do in terms of marketing for Mazow McCullough.

Lily: Sure. In this day and age, it is important to acknowledge how big social media is in all walks of life and how we could be directly reaching clients through that. One thing I do is make sure that all of our pages are up-to-date, and the clients are really seeing what we do day to day, how we help them, different things we do in terms of team building to make sure that everyone here is working cohesively with the goal of helping our clients.

Community Events to Market the Law Firm

John: Okay. Kevin mentioned that there’s merchandise that you actually sell or give away. Tell me a little bit about that.

Lily: Sure. Another big thing we’ve been doing this year is a lot of community outreach. One of those things has been volunteering at the local farmer’s market. We’ve been tabling twice a month, once a month, I can’t remember, but we were giving out some of our Mazow McCullough tote bags. They’re reusable, so people can come chat to us, grab a tote bag, learn about what we do in the community, and then go about their regular farmer’s market shopping and use our tote bags so that maybe we’re helping reduce plastic waste in the community, which is always a plus too.

John: Then, they have that bag and they’re using it for various things throughout their day. You never know when somebody’s going to need an attorney, and of course you hope that you don’t need an attorney, but when you do, maybe they would have that bag on hand and think of your firm. That’s the idea, right?

Lily: Sure. I think, obviously, we never want anything bad to happen to anyone, but we do want to make it known that we are available and we’re a community resource, not even if you are hurt, that too, but for anything else, we like to help out wherever we can. Another thing we did at the beginning of the school year was we helped out with some local schools getting some school supplies to students who may be in need. The backpacks were normal backpacks. They didn’t say Mazow McCullough, but to know that we could directly help families was great for us and great for the community. We’d love to keep doing that.

Finding Opportunities to Connect With the Community

John: Do you have any specific ways that you look for those types of opportunities in the community? How did you find out that, hey, the kids at the school need backpacks?

Kevin: We do, John and we’ve been doing it for several years now, from sponsoring Little League teams to summer youth basketball programs here in Salem and in Lynn and Swampscott. These schools, these organizations, have seen our involvement and how we help out here in the city by sponsoring different events, being a part of raising money and raising funds.

That is a big part of the marketing, which is getting the brand and our image and our name out there, but to what Lily mentioned earlier, it’s more than the marketing piece as part of what we want to put out there. It is the community involvement. It is being a part of the farmer’s market. It is employees going over to the local food pantry to help prepare and serve meals for homeless or individuals who are just looking for a fresh, hot meal. Doing that here in the community is important to us.

It transcends the practice of law. It transcends marketing and wanting your firm to be out there so that people know about you. It’s bigger than that now in that we’re a big part of this community and we want to help people. We want to help organizations. The sponsorships led to local organizations reaching out to us with specific requests. For example, a few years ago, we provided bike helmets to a school on a certain grade level on bicycle safety week. Now, we do see that where people will reach out to say, “Hey, this is the group that we’re dealing with. This is what we need. Can you get involved? Do you want to get involved?” We’re more than happy to help out in any way that we can. We like to be a part of as many activities and sponsorships and organizations here locally that we can, so that people don’t just know about us, but they know that we’re here to help when needed.

Posting Community Events on Social Media

John: Right. Lily, are you out there at these community events and you’re taking pictures? You mentioned social media before. Is that the type of thing that you would be at and be directly involved with the community and then be taking pictures and putting that up on the firm’s social media sites and things like that?

Lily: Yes, definitely. One of the big things that I’ve been working on is communicating our brand identity. One of our important things that we do is all of that community outreach and helping others. I definitely want to make sure that people know that we’re doing that and that we are regularly out in the community doing all of this. I love going to these events. I think it’s a great way for me to get involved while I’m working and outside of normal life to be able to promote what we do at our company and how important it is for us to be helping others.

It’s strange to think about law firm marketing, because Kevin and Rob are always working, going to trials, doing everything, but there are other things that people might not see when they’re looking for a lawyer, which is important to know. You’re not really always looking for a lawyer, but when you do need one, you want to be able to find the right one and make sure that they are going to address all of your needs as a client and why it’s so important to choose the right law firm, which is what we also want to make sure that people know why we would be a great law firm to choose instead of another one.

Online Reviews From Clients

John: Right. Now, what about talking with clients? Do you speak with clients and maybe reach out to them and see if they can give you a review or a testimonial or something like that in order to, say, put that up on the website or use that in various ways so that other potential clients can see how great it is to be a client of this firm and to work with this firm when you have a problem?

Lily: We are very proud of keeping relationships with our clients. One thing we do is ask them to give us reviews online, and that just shows to other people who might be looking for a law firm to help them that we are trustworthy and we go above and beyond in helping everyone that we talk to. Just being able to see how we’re helping people and measuring the client’s happiness is very important to us.

Using Podcasts to Generate Content for the Website

John: Right. Then, here we are. We’re doing a podcast, and we’re going to be putting this up on the website. That’s another thing that, of course, you’re doing for your law firm’s marketing. We’ve been doing this for a number of years now where we do these podcasts and put them up on your blog and talk about various subjects to do with different types of law that you practice. Do you find that doing these podcasts has really been an easy way for you to develop content for your website?

Kevin: Absolutely, John. I think that having the content out there, having this forum, is certainly not only a form of marketing, but it gives us the ability to put information on our website, put information out there onto the internet of who we are, and have individuals hear us talking about issues that come up and issues that we deal with. I think it is a big part of people who go to the website or do some research and they come across a forum like this with us simply talking about these issues will lead them to do some more research to look into our firm, to compare us to other law firms.

Yes, ironically, this very podcast is a successful form of marketing that’s worked for us over the years. Again, it’s more than just the content and having it on the website. It’s the specific information that educates clients and potential clients when they hear us talk in this question, answer format on these certain issues. I’d like to think that it helps individuals either get the answer to a question they have or send them in the right direction on how to get that correct answer.

Podcasts Help Make the Firm More Personable

John: Or have them just feel comfortable with working with you as an attorney and as a person, that they get to hear you and hear your thoughts and think to themselves, “Hey, that’s somebody that I could really work with.”

Kevin: Absolutely. We’re all people at the end of the day, and being personable is a big part of what we do and why we’re good at it, but clients and perspective clients are going to do everything they need to do to make sure that there’s a comfort level when they do reach out to the attorney. I think having the social media, the marketing piece out there to have people get a chance to see. We may be educated on a certain issue, and to Lily’s point earlier, beyond that, it’s helping out the community.

I’d like to think that when individuals are looking for lawyers and they have an issue and they get a chance to hear us talk about the issue and to know that we know how to handle that particular issue. Oh, and by the way, we care about our community, we help out in various ways to do that. That’s just who we are, and that’s who the people that work at the firm are. That’s what we want to portray to individuals. I hope that it’s a big part of clients reaching out to us and why they reach out to us. Part of it is hearing us talk on these different forums.

Check Out to Learn More

John: All right. Well, that’s really great information. Great to talk to you both, Kevin and Lily. Thank you very much.

Kevin: Thank you, John.

Lily: Thank you, John.

Kevin: For more information, you can visit the website at or call (978) 744-8000.