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What should I do first after a car-pedestrian accident?

If you've been struck as a pedestrian in Massachusetts the very first thing you should do if your injured is to get medical treatment. You want to make sure, however ,that you get the name of the drive who hit you because all too often the driver wants to get ...
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If I have been bitten by a dog, am I entitled to compensation?

If you have been bitten by a dog and you've been injured by that bite, you are entitled to compensation by either the dog owner and/or the person who was in control of that dog. The bite needs to obviously have caused some form of damage to be compensable ...
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What if someone dies before they can bring a claim?

In the state of Massachusetts, if somebody has been injured due to the negligence of another party and before they can start a law suit or present that claim they pass on, they die. It's important to know that the family members have the ability to continue on with that ...
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Settlement Obtained For Woman With Object Left After Surgery

Mazow/McCullough, PC Obtain Settlement For Young Woman Due to a Retained Foreign Object Left After Surgery On May 4, 2004, the plaintiff, age 18 at the time, underwent an elective laparoscopy and lysis of adhesions at a hospital in Haverhill, Massachusetts.  The procedure began as a diagnostic laparascopy and during surgery was ...
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Kevin J. McCullough Provides Expert Testimony

Dorchester District Court Judge Cites Expert Testimony of Kevin J. McCullough, Esquire in Finding that Commerce Insurance Company Violated the Consumer Protection Act, G.L. c. 93A On March 20, 2009, Kevin J. McCullough, Esquire of Mazow | McCullough, PC testified at trial before Judge Sydney Hanlon in the Dorchester District ...
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Mazow | McCullough, PC Obtains Plaintiff Verdict

Justin Crow vs. Galina Zhevakin and Martin D. Johnson Newburyport Superior Court Civil Action No.: 2007-01981B On July 12, 2007 Justin Crow was stopped in traffic on Route 114 in North Andover, Massachusetts. The two vehicles behind him collided and the car directly behind Mr. Crow violently collided into the ...
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What is the #1 misconception about car-pedestrian accidents?

The number one misconception people have in car-pedestrian accidents in Massachusetts is that if they don't have the contact information of the person who hit them or if that person does not have automobile insurance then they can't make a claim. That is not correct. If your struck as a ...
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Can an unborn fetus be subject to a wrongful death claim?

Within the state of Massachusetts, the law recognizes the fact that an unborn child, a fetus, has recourse when they are killed or murdered due to an intentional act, an accident, or a collision. If an injury is suffered by a woman carrying a child and she loses that child, ...
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What is the #1 misconception about dog bite injuries?

The number one misconception in the state of Massachusetts involving dog bite attacks is whose going to pay the claim? Who’s going to compensate you for your injuries? And often times, there is no insurance coverage available. Either the specific owner did not involve the insurance company or fill out ...
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Joint Venture Started to Fight Insurance Companies

Mazow & McCullough, PC and a local law firm started a joint venture in Salem, Massachusetts called PIP Collect, LLC.  PIP stands for Personal Injury Protection and is a requirement on every Massachusetts Automobile Insurance Policy.  PIP is the section of your automobile insurance policy that pays for medical bills, ...
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