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Insurance for Motorcycle Accidents

In most cases, the insurance coverage for motorcycles is very similar to the coverage you get for cars or trucks. However, there are some differences. To ensure you're protected from the financial effects of a motorcycle accident, you may want the following types of coverage. Bodily Injury Liability Insurance for ...
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Why PTSD Is a Real Issue After a Motorcycle Wreck

After experiencing trauma, people may develop Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). PTSD involves intense psychological and emotional distress, physical pain, depression, and anxiety. And after a motorcycle accident, PTSD can be a very real and serious issue. Who Gets PTSD After A Motorcycle Wreck? About 25% of people or more involved ...
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Do Breed-Specific Laws Reduce Dog Attacks?

In Massachusetts, it is illegal to make breed-specific laws or to label a dog as dangerous solely based on its breed. But throughout the rest of the country, many other states and cities have laws banning certain breeds of dogs. Typically, these laws target pit bulls, rottweilers, bull mastiffs, akitas, ...
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When Nice Dogs Who Play Rough Become Dangerous

Most dogs like to tussle and wrestle, and some humans even like to join in. Unfortunately, however, these activities can go too far and nice dogs who play rough can become dangerous dogs. To protect yourself from a dog attack, understand this transition and some of the signs that indicate ...
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Most Common Types of Motorcycle Injuries

When you're in a motorcycle accident, injuries are fairly inevitable. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, less than 5% of motorcyclists walk away unscathed after an accident. About 75% suffer minor or moderate injuries, while 20% face serious, severe, or critical injuries. Here's a look at the most ...
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Inherent Liability: Who’s Liable When a Driver Crashes Someone Else’s Car?

When a driver crashes someone else’s car, the liability isn't always clear, and it varies based on the location and the specifics of the situation. To help you get a sense of who’s liable, here's a brief look at inherent liability and an overview of who's liable when a car ...
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Mazow | McCullough Celebrates 15 Year Anniversary

Robert Mazow and Kevin McCullough first met 17 years ago when they were on opposite sides of the same trial.  Who would have imagined they would join forces two years later to establish one of the North Shore’s most successful personal injury law firms.  This year marks fifteen years that ...
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Distracted Driving – Safety for Drivers & Pedestrians (Video)

Kevin McCullough of Mazow McCullough discusses distracted driving, and some ways for both drivers and pedestrians to stay safe. There's a law here in Massachusetts against distracted driving. The purpose of that law is to prevent or avoid injuries. The problem is, people aren't following the law. Way too many ...
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Distracted Driving – Recent Pedestrian Accidents (Video)

Robert Mazow of Mazow McCullough discusses distracted driving, and some recent pedestrian accidents brought to the firm's attention. In the last month or so, my office has been retained to represent people who've been seriously hurt as a result of being hit by distracted drivers. In one instance, a man ...
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Distracted Driving – Pedestrian Safety (Video)

Kevin McCullough of Mazow McCullough discusses distracted driving, and pedestrian safety when crossing the road. As a pedestrian looking to cross a large intersection of a busy street, it can be frustrating, waiting your turn and waiting for that crossing signal to occur. It is extremely important that you as ...
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