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What to Do After a Motorcycle Accident

Motorcycle accidents in Massachusetts and New Hampshire are a common tragedy, and are prevalent across other states, as well. What can you do to best protect yourself if you are involved in one? Taking the following steps will allow you to stay as safe as possible after a motorcycle accident ...
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Motorcycle Accidents and Brain Injuries

Motorcycle accidents are all too common in the United States. 4,985 riders were killed in crashes in 2018 alone. Motorcyclists who survive an accident may suffer from brain injuries that alter their lives forever. The information below can help you learn what brain injuries can occur after such an accident, ...
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Motorcycle Laws in New Hampshire

Do you live in New Hampshire and own a motorcycle or plan to purchase one soon? If so, there are a number of state laws that will soon apply to you. You should take the time to understand these laws and your responsibilities as a motorcycle operator sharing the road ...
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Motorcycle Laws in Massachusetts

If you own a motorcycle or plan to in the future and live in Massachusetts, it’s important that you understand mandatory laws that apply to you. These laws are designed to improve safety and reduce the risk of motorcycle accidents; however, they aren’t infallible. Here’s what you need to know ...
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5 Surprising Myths About Motorcycle Accidents & Injuries

Motorcycle accidents are among the most devastating and deadly types of motor vehicle accidents. Despite the seriousness of motorcycle collisions, there are a number of erroneous beliefs that are held about motorcycle accidents and what to do as a crash victim. Here are 5 surprising myths about motorcycle accidents and ...
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What the Coronavirus Means for Nursing Home Neglect

Early this year, the coronavirus -- and the disease it causes, COVID-19 -- spread across the globe, devastating entire countries in its wake. Massachusetts and New Hampshire have seen a higher number of coronavirus cases than other areas of the country, and it’s important to be vigilant now more than ...
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Defensive Riding to Prevent Motorcycle Accidents

The risk of injury or death from a motorcycle accident is startlingly high. In 2017, an estimated 27 times more deaths occurred on motorcycles per mile traveled than on cars. What can you do to prevent motorcycle accidents? The following defensive riding tips can help you avoid motorcycle accidents in ...
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What Causes Truck Accidents?

Truck accidents are some of the most serious and deadly types of accidents. Often, their cause is preventable or easily avoidable. When truck drivers and trucking companies exhibit carelessness and negligence, however, collisions are guaranteed. Here are the most common causes of truck accidents in Massachusetts and New Hampshire, and ...
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Types of Truck Accidents

Understanding the types of truck accidents that can occur on Massachusetts and New Hampshire roadways and the damage they cause can help you stay on guard when you drive around different kinds of trucks. Here’s what you should know. Head-On Collisions A head-on collision occurs when a large truck hits ...
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The Crisis of Underreported Injuries in Nursing Homes

Although you’d like to believe that you’ve selected a reputable nursing home for your elderly loved one and they’re being properly cared for, this may not be the case. Many injuries to nursing home residents aren’t reported, leaving families unaware of what kind of situation their loved one is in ...
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