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Punto Urban Art Museum Walking Tour

Right before the start of the coronavirus pandemic in 2019, our office entered a raffle to win a guided walking tour of the murals and artwork on display in the Punto Neighborhood of Salem. This tour was hosted by the North Shore Community Development Coalition (NSCDC), whose mission is to ...
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Will a Dog Be Euthanized If I Report a Dog Bite In Massachusetts?

If you are bitten by a dog, you may be worried that if you report the incident, the dog will be euthanized or put down. This is particularly true if the dog that hurt you was your dog or the dog of a family member or friend. It's a common ...
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What You Need to File a Class Action Lawsuit In Massachusetts

Class action lawsuits are designed to help large groups of people obtain compensation for similar injuries caused by the same product, service, or company. Starting a class action lawsuit can be intimidating and you may be unsure of how to begin. Even if you and some other people have gotten ...
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What If the At-Fault Driver Dies After a Car Accident?

A car accident injury can turn your life completely upside down in mere seconds. If the driver who caused the collision has passed away in the accident, you may be concerned that you will not be able to obtain compensation for your own injuries and damages that you suffered as ...
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How Isolation & Confinement Impact Nursing Home Residents

When most people think about nursing home abuse, they think about physical abuse and neglect. Malnutrition, dehydration, and assault are some of the most common forms of nursing home neglect and abuse that occur nationwide. However, isolation and confinement can also be forms of neglect or abuse that seriously impact ...
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How Fatal Are Truck Rollovers?

Truck accidents have a high fatality rate, mostly due to their large size and weight. When a truck rolls over, the risk of death increases substantially. Here’s what to know about the fatality rate of commercial truck rollovers and how experienced New Hampshire and Massachusetts truck accident attorneys Mazow | ...
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Team Building at Martin Family Ranch in Chester, New Hampshire

This quarter, we had the opportunity to spend some time team building and working on strengthening our relationships within the office. Team building is an important aspect of any office, because of how it allows coworkers to strengthen their relationships with each other. Once our coworkers feel more comfortable around ...
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Help! There’s An OFAC Alert On My Credit Report – What Does It Mean?

You’ve run your credit report or checked your credit score and there’s a new alert – OFAC. You’ve never seen this term before, but it looks serious. You’re not sure what you could have done to cause a government alert like this. Below, we discuss what OFAC alerts are, how ...
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When Dehydration From Nursing Abuse Causes Brain Swelling

Dehydration is a serious concern in nursing homes for two reasons. First, it happens frequently. Many long-term care patients cannot adequately hydrate themselves, and nursing staff often neglect to help patients with hydration as frequently as needed. Second, the effects of dehydration can be critical for elderly individuals. Learn about ...
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Calculating the Cost of Emotional Damages After a Dog Bite

Being attacked or bitten by a dog is frightening, even if you’re a “dog person” or animal lover. You may be afraid of dogs afterwards, or you may even be afraid of walking around your neighborhood or in places where dogs might be. You may struggle to sleep and experience ...
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