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Watch Out for Credit Repair Scams

If your credit score is low and it's preventing you from obtaining a mortgage, taking out an auto loan, or making it hard for you to rent an apartment, there are reputable credit counseling agencies that can help you improve your low credit score. Unfortunately, there are also dozens of ...
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Nursing Home Medication Errors

One of the most common issues in nursing homes is the problem of medication errors. A medication error occurs anytime a patient is not given the medication they are prescribed by their physician in the correct amount, at the correct time, and using the correct method. Here’s what to know ...
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Liability For Dog Bites Under a Sitter’s Watch

Liability for dog bites depends on the laws in each state and the circumstances surrounding the attack. In both Massachusetts and New Hampshire, owners are strictly liable for any and all damages their dog causes during an attack, regardless of whether or not the pet has shown aggression or a ...
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Can Auto Insurance Companies Conduct Car Accident Surveillance After a Crash?

After any kind of motor vehicle accident, the primary goal of an insurance company is to find a way to deny any claims related to the accident or if they cannot get out of paying a settlement, how to reduce the amount of that settlement by as much as possible ...
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Getting Compensation for Inherent Diminished Value (Video)

Kevin McCullough explains how to get compensation for inherent diminished value after a car collision. He explains how IDV addresses the loss in the vehicle's value after an accident. Inherent diminished value is the concept that a motor vehicle is worth less money after it's been involved in a collision, ...
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My Credit Card Was Stolen — What Can I Do?

Having your credit card stolen, or even just losing it, can cause anxiety, fear, and frustration. Will you have to pay for any fraudulent charges if someone uses your stolen credit card? How do you report fraud on a credit card? Navigating this situation can be difficult, but we’re here ...
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Potential Responsible Parties in a Dog Bite Case (Video)

Robert Mazow talks about how to identify the responsible party in a dog bite case. He explains how people other than the owner may be held liable. So who might be responsible in a dog bite situation? Well, the owner of the dog is always going to be ultimately responsible ...
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What to Know About Implied Warranty of Habitability

If building your dream home has turned into a nightmare, you’re not alone. Many new homeowners waiting on their contractors end up dealing with missed deadlines, late work, improper or poor-quality materials, shoddy construction work, and other similar issues. These ultimately affect the habitability of the end home. Here’s what ...
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Changes to Inherent Diminished Value in Car Accident Claims (Video)

Kevin McCullough explains why MA insurance companies now have to address the loss in inherent value after a vehicle has been in a collision.  IDV stands for Inherent Diminished Value. And the idea of Inherent Diminished Value is that a motor vehicle is worth less money after it's been involved ...
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What to Do If You’re Bitten by an Attack-Trained Police Dog

Law enforcement frequently enlists the help of canines. Dogs can aid in the pursuit, identification, and detention of a suspect, the detection of illegal drugs and explosives, the deterrence of crime, and the protection of police officers. Because of their specialized training, police canines are incredibly dangerous. They are trained how ...
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