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Collision while Entering A Parking Lot

$150k Awarded for Auto Collision

A woman in her mid-40s was T-boned in her automobile while entering a parking lot. The defendant denied responsibility and alleged that because of our client’s extensive prior injuries, the damages she did cause were minimal. Through extensive discovery practice, Mazow | McCullough, PC were able to prove the fault of the defendant, and explain that the collision caused a severe exacerbation and new complications for our client’s day to day life. The case settled for $150,000 prior to trial.

$100,000 Resolution, Policy Limit

An elderly woman was being transported by a public assistance van that was involved in a low-speed, low-impact, rear-end collision. The at-fault party’s insurance company took the position that the impact could never have caused the damages we alleged. Through pre-litigation investigation, Mazow and McCullough were able to show not only the devastating effects of the collision on our client, but that the low-impact collision was the true culprit in our client’s injuries. The matter settled for the policy limits prior to litigation practice.