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Wrongful Death: Car Accidents


Car accidents happen in an instant, in part because of the high speeds usually involved. In a flash of glass and steel, you could be physically, emotionally, and financially drained and devastated. You could face difficult choices about your future. If you lost a loved one to a wrongful death because of a car accident, Continue Reading »

Wrongful Death at Work


Work-related accidents occur frequently, especially in certain industries that tend to be more dangerous, such as construction or factory jobs. While some accidents that happen at work need little more than a few stitches, others result in the serious injury or wrongful death of the employee. If your loved one was killed in a work-related Continue Reading »

The Difference Between Economic & Non-Economic Damages in Wrongful Death Claims


When filing a wrongful death claim, knowing how much your claim is worth can be a challenging issue. Taking the time to figure out the different types of damages while dealing with the grief of losing a loved one makes the task even more daunting. Sorting out the differences between economic and non-economic damages can Continue Reading »

How the Statute of Limitations May Affect Your Wrongful Death Claim

How the Statute of Limitations May Affect Your Wrongful Death Claim

Our legal system can seem daunting, especially to inexperienced plaintiffs, due to the legal technicalities and rules involved in filing a claim for compensation. Coupled with the emotional burden of dealing with the sudden and devastating loss of a loved one, that confusion often feels insurmountable.  One concept in particular that tends to complicate is Continue Reading »

Snowmobile Crashes Cause Devastating Injuries

20-year-old man injured in New Hampshire A 20 year old Massachusetts man was injured in a snowmobile crash while riding with his family in New Hampshire. According to the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department, the 20 year old was hurt on Monday afternoon after losing control of his snowmobile while on a curb, hitting Continue Reading »