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How to Keep Your Kids Safe at the Pool

The summer season brings fun vacations, swim club memberships, and long days by the water. For families, the pool can be the perfect place to relax, cool off, and have a good time. However, pools can pose some serious dangers to children of all ages. According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, drowning is now the leading cause of death for children ages 1 to 4. It’s essential to follow some simple pool safety tips to ensure that your kids stay safe at the pool this summer:

pool safety tips

Proper supervision

Children need constant supervision when they are both in and around a swimming pool. It only takes seconds for a child to end up in a dangerous situation by the water. Parents must keep a close and watchful eye, not allowing themselves to become distracted. Even at pools with lifeguards on duty, you shouldn’t take your attention off of children. At hotels and swim clubs, kids should never be allowed to swim without a lifeguard or proper adult supervision.

Swimming skills

Swimming lessons are a smart idea for kids of all ages. Even babies can benefit from swimming classes that are geared towards familiarizing them with the water and, rather amazingly, teaching them the most basic skills to help them stay afloat. As a parent, you should also know how to swim. Think of knowing how to swim as an essential life skill that can mean the difference between life and death.

Learn CPR

Knowing how to perform CPR will not only give you greater peace of mind, but it could prove critical in an emergency situation. Become CPR certified by signing up for an approved course. These are often available at local hospitals, schools, and community centers, for a small fee. Retake the course every few years to keep your certification up to date.

Proper barriers

Pools and spas should have proper barriers to enclose them, including fencing and drain covers. Many local municipalities require secure fencing around backyard pools, so if you plan to install a pool, check with the local ordinances to ensure you place the proper type of fence and gate. It’s also good to get into the habit of removing the ladder for above ground pools when it’s not in use.

Remind kids of rules

While you may get tired of repeating yourself, it is important to remind your kids constantly that they can’t run on the pool deck. The pool deck can be slippery, and kids can easily fall, leading to injury, or slipping into the water. If they’re horsing around in the water, tell them to stop. If you aren’t reminding your kids of the pool rules in a public pool, you’ll find that the lifeguard will, which could lead to your child being banned from the water temporarily.

Pools are typically places for fun and enjoyment, but they can also be dangerous for kids. Follow these simple pool safety tips to help ensure that your family stays safe and healthy by the water this summer.

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