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Motorcycle Safety Myths

Motorcycle Accidents LawyerIt’s important to take steps to stay safe as a motorcyclist or anyone sharing the road with motorcycles. However, it is also important to know what safety information to trust and what advice is misguided. The following are a few common motorcycle safety myths to watch out for to protect yourself on the road and avoid accidents.

Helmets are Dangerous

There is a dangerous myth that wearing a motorcycle helmet could lead to a broken neck in a crash. However, helmets absorb the energy that typically leads to broken necks in motorcycle crashes. Therefore, helmet wearers suffer fewer crash-related neck injuries than if they weren’t wearing helmets.

Slow Streets are The Safest

Some people believe that riding a motorcycle on an interstate highway is unsafe. However, interstates can be one of your safest choices where accident prevention is concerned. There are less pedestrians, side streets and obstacles to get in your way when compared to slower roads.

A Loud Bike is Important for Motorcycle Safety

A loud motorcycle is fine if you can hear other sounds, but it doesn’t make any difference where accident safety is concerned. Sirens, other vehicles running and similar sounds are important to be aware of when you are riding a motorcycle.

Wearing Leather is for Fashion

You may think wearing leather helps you look cool, but it serves an important purpose while riding your motorcycle. It protects against road rash and crash-related bodily injuries. It also protects you from wind chill.

A New Bike Doesn’t Require Practice

Even experienced motorcyclists should test out a new bike before going for a ride on the road. Unfamiliar steering and breaking can lead to serious accidents.

If I Have a Drivers License, I Can Ride a Motorcycle

Operating a motorcycle is quite different from driving a car. Practicing and obtaining your endorsement are important motorcycle safety steps to take. You will be following the law and be better prepared to stay safe on the road.

Remember that these are not the only safety myths you need to be aware of. Always question any advice you may receive that doesn’t seem logical to you and do your own research to check its soundness.

Getting Help from a Motorcycle Accidents Lawyer

Hopefully the tips above will help you avoid a future motorcycle accident. However, if you find yourself in need of assistance from a lawyer for motorcycle accident victims, Mazow | McCullough, PC  can help. Contact us online or call (855) 693-9084.

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