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Joint Venture Started to Fight Insurance Companies


Mazow & McCullough, PC and a local law firm started a joint venture in Salem, Massachusetts called PIP Collect, LLC.  PIP stands for Personal Injury Protection and is a requirement on every Massachusetts Automobile Insurance Policy.  PIP is the section of your automobile insurance policy that pays for medical bills, funeral expenses and lost wages.  Regardless of whose fault the accident was, the automobile insurance company of the car you were in is responsible for the reasonable and necessary medical expense for your medical treatment.  There is up to $8,000.00 of available PIP coverage for reasonable and necessary medical expenses.

Insurance companies use a variety of tactics and strategies to reduce payments owed to health care providers for your medical treatment.  Sometimes the reductions are based upon medical examinations conducted by doctors hired by insurance companies; sometimes the reductions are based upon a review of the patient’s medical records; sometimes the reductions are based on an audit of the providers medical bills based upon an alleged analysis of the average provider bill in the geographic region.  The insurance companies then use these strategies to claim that medical treatment is not reasonable or necessary.

PIP Collect, LLC represents medical providers to sue insurance companies when they wrongfully withhold insurance payments for reasonable and necessary medical treatment.  At Mazow & McCullough, PC, we don’t believe that our clients should be responsible for medical treatment that should be paid for by insurance companies.  That’s why we started PIP Collect, LLC – to hold insurance companies responsible for reasonable and necessary medical bills for treatment related to a car accident.

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