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Motorcycle Accidents

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Being injured in a motorcycle accident can cause great bodily harm to the rider, including head, neck and spine injuries, limb amputations and broken bones. Even wearing a helmet cannot fully protect the motorcycle rider from harm in a collision. Riders and passengers may be thrown off the bike to collide with other vehicles or inanimate objects like trees or signs. The chance of escaping injury when you are in a motorcycle accident is very low.

One of our clients, Ramon, broke his ankle in a motorcycle accident. He knew he needed an attorney, but wasn’t sure where to turn. Once he found Mazow | McCullough, he says, he felt like part of the family. He was frustrated, and we helped him through that. We also secured compensation for things he hadn’t even thought of.

What to Do First After a Motorcycle Accident

If you are in a motorcycle accident, your first concern should be treatment of any injuries. Do not speak with insurance company representatives; they never have your best interests as a priority. In fact, many companies and insurance investigators will jump to the conclusion that a motorcycle accident is the fault of the rider. Call or speak only with experienced Massachusetts motorcycle accident attorneys at Mazow | McCullough to preserve your rights.

How We Help Victims of Motorcycle Accidents

At the law firm of Mazow | McCullough, we use expert witnesses, engineers and investigators who will thoroughly investigate all evidence from your accident, and calculate injury expenses and future monetary costs. We’ve shown many insurance companies that riders were not to blame for their accident. There could have been outside factors such as defective equipment, poor road conditions or collisions caused by another driver. It is clear that insurance investigators only want to save their company money by denying your claims and trying to prove you were at fault.

Massachusetts Motorcycle Laws

Massachusetts has many laws to regulate the ownership and use of motorcycles, including helmet laws. Our motorcycle accident lawyers are current with knowledge of all Massachusetts motorcycle laws. We are ready to help motorcycle operators who have been injured in a collision get results from their insurance companies and other responsible parties.

Personal injury law allows persons injured in motorcycle accidents to seek compensation for their damage claims from all parties who may be responsible. This includes parts manufacturers, motorcycle manufacturers and others. We can help you track back responsibility and gain compensation, so you can have financial relief from accident injuries due to negligent behavior or mistakes in the manufacturing processes.

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We’re happy to consult with new clients about their motorcycle accidents that have caused personal injury. Please call our Salem, MA law office to speak with our experienced motorcycle accidents attorney today. Phone us now at (978) 744-8000 for legal representation you can count on.

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